Past Makeup Creations

Past Makeup Creations

I started doing my makeup when I was 16 and I didn’t really start getting interested in makeup until I went to college at 17 and a half. I love experimenting with new looks and trying new products. I’ve always been the one friend who always like the darker, punk look and loves going into Hot Topic. I have a friend who’s is still scared to go into Hot Topic LOL Anyways, I’ve also tried reciprocating what I’ve seen my favorite beauty gurus do on their youtube channels. I like learning tips that way. I usually make it my own. I used to watch Michelle Phan, but now she’s MIA because of her own personal issues. I still watch Weylie on youtube, but I don’t watch all of her videos anymore because I find they’re irrelevant and sponsored. I don’t have a problem with people being sponsored. I find it incredibly annoying when the content doesn’t seem as real anymore with back to back sponsored videos. I watch other beauty gurus randomly when I get interested in their makeup looks since they pop up on my feed.

I’ll be posting new makeup looks that I try out soon! I’d like to make a video, but I don’t know if you guys would be interested in that. If you are please comment what you’d like to see. I’m trying to do more girly peach-y pink-y makeup looks, but once it hits late fall I’ll do dark makeup.

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