Get to Know me

Here are some personal facts about me enjoy being nosy lol

  1.  Growing up, I went to 4 elementary schools. One in Thailand and the other three were in California. However, two of those three were in the same town. I went to an elementary school in Thailand for kindergarten. I remember getting hit on the butt for getting an answer wrong. It was a good experience though and I still have my school uniform with my Thai nickname that my mom sewed on it. I went to one elementary school in the Bay Area and then I moved so I was at another elementary school for a semester. That particular elementary school was far from my house though so the school district transferred to me a much closer elementary school.
  2. I love chocolate! Growing up my biological father and I would go to See’s candies a lot so that’s probably where my obsession began. By far my favorite candy!
  3. Deer, pandas, and elephants are my favorite animals. Elephants remind me of Thailand and that’s why I love them. Deer is my Thai nickname and that’s why I love deer and Bambi of course. I became obsessed and known for loving pandas in high school and that’s just how my love for pandas came.
  4. My favorite colors are blue and purple. My favorite colors are always changing. Blue has been my favorite color since like elementary school. Purple since middle school because of the whole “rebellion phase” lmao I wasn’t even a rebel.
  5.  I love reading. I have loved reading books since I learned how to read. I loved reading books based on my favorite tv shows and reading to find characters to relate to and to enjoy fantasies. In high school, I read Young Adult novels where I would indulge in love.
  6. I love cleaning and reorganizing. Since living on my own I have become increasingly obsessed with cleaning my home and organizing everything because seeing clutter bothers me.
  7. Love love love shopping. One of my favorite places in the mall. I can spend all day there, but one winter break I went so often even I got bored. I prefer buying things on sales and saving money. I love buying gifts for others.
  8.  Love DIY’S and receiving handmade gifts.
  9. A huge fan of movies. Growing up with strict and busy parents, I didn’t go out much, to say the least. I would babysit and watch movies and tv a lot. I hardly ever went to the movies until college which was still like once a month or so. I love going to the movies!  My favorite movies to watch are the ones based on true stories, books, and biopics.
  10. My favorite animated Disney movie is Mulan! My favorite Disney Live Action movie is Beauty and the Beast for now. Mulan and The Little Mermaid were my favorite Animated Disney movies growing up because I am half White and half Thai. I related to the two princesses that were what I saw as White and Asian. As I grew older though I did not like The Little Mermaid anymore because I thought her character was dumb and I didn’t see her as a role model anymore. I still LOVE Mulan though and am beyond excited for the live action movie!
  11.  I learned Thai and English and another Thai language at the same time. My biological mother and father are both fluent in Thai and according to my mom, I learned all 3 languages at the same time.
  12. I love watching Thai dramas. My main form of learning new Thai words and practicing my Thai is by watching Thai dramas because I learn new vocabulary and I only ever really talk to my mom in Thai.
  13. My favorite food is Thai food. Surprise surprise. Right. I think one of my favorite dishes is Tom Yum Gai pronounced (Dome Yum Gaiii) which translates to spicy sour chicken soup.

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