My College Experience: Community College

While in high school, I applied to my community college as a back up plan. I applied to 4 universities my senior year and although I was accepted too. The cost was worrisome¬† and I didn’t know how I was going to pay for it. So, I opted for a safer option but with community college. After my first semester at community college, I knew it was where I was meant to be. It felt right, and it made sense to me. I enjoyed my time there.

I loved my professors and how much time they dedicated to their students. The school wasn’t large and the community was great. Everything was near by. It wasn’t a huge adjustment from high school. I had to adjust, but it wasn’t as big of an adjustment compared to the adjustment I had to make once I transferred from my community college to UC Davis. The support I received from my counselors, teachers and classmates was incomparable to the support I received prior.

Trying to get a job while in school was difficult with my school schedule, but I found ways to build up my resume in the mean time. I found a marketing internship at school, which helped me network. I volunteered during my summer while job hunting. During my last semester as busy as I was, I was always looking for a job. I applied to plenty of places and luckily I was hired right before I graduated from my community college. I entered an elevator pitch contest at my community college and placed. I applied to scholarships every year so I could at least have another source of income for my education. Unfortunately, I haven’t received a scholarship to date. In light of the situation, I’m grateful for the help I do receive for my education and the jobs I’ve found to help pay for my education. Like yeah it sucks I haven’t received a scholarship, but to me it means someone else must need it more.

It was a great way to save money. I got to adjust in my own time to make further plans on my future. The pace was one of the best things about. Semester system was wonderful, not at all rushed. A great pace to learn the material in each of my classes. Even during my last semester when I was taking 18 units it was still manageable. This college prepared me for my future obstacles that I’m currently battling. It was the best decision I ever made for myself. It helped me grow as a person.

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