Book Review: So Much I Want To Tell You Letters To My Little Sister By: Anna Akana

Hey guys! I finally bought this book that I have been wanting since it came out last year. I definitely recommend this book. If you’d like to get a feel for this book, I suggest watching the video I linked below and also watching this one

First off, I have been a supporter of Anna Akana since 2014. I discovered her youtube channel through a Facebook post by Ashton Kutcher. He posted a link to one of her most viewed videos, “Things every girl should know.” This video made me love her lessons and style. Here is a link to that particular video,  After watching that one video, I then watched tons of her videos. I became a supporter. I loved finding someone else who wasn’t that much older than me and who was also more than one ethnicity. It was nice having someone to relate too. When Anna announced she was working on a book, I was so happy. I love reading and I know she does too. She really inspired me through her videos because she opens up so much and I always want to open up online, but I’ve always chosen to keep things to myself.

It was great to finally buy it! I made the purchase on Amazon, for $11 and it came in two days thanks to fast shipping. I received my book this morning and started reading right away. I finished within a few hours. The book is fairly short, maybe 250-300 pages. There aren’t very many page numbers. My first initial reaction after finishing the book was it was it was a lot of what I expected. The content is similar to the content she creates on her youtube channel…just more in depth. More of background and more details since there is no time limit.

Whenever I think of a book I’ve read in the past, there are two thoughts I always remember two specific parts from the book which are my favorite part and what I hated. From this book, my favorite parts were when she wrote about struggling with identity and learning she was Asian and how others saw and how to see herself because I have had that same issue. It was nice to see the same struggle through a different perspective. I loved all the lessons she gave about money, being a boss, having power and self-respect. I didn’t like the way the book was organized, but I did expect it since it was just like her channel. Other than that I wished the book was longer, for more content to love.

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