Pre Manicure !

Pre Manicure !

Being pampered is so fun. Too bad we never do it as often we should or as we would like. I have never gotten a real manicure with acrylic nails. I still have yet to get one. I keep on planning to get one, but I’m so nervous since it’s expensive and when they come off I’ve heard it hurts and your nails looks ugly after. After learning about how they mess up your nails and the trouble you have to go through to remove them I have continued to postpone getting a real manicure.

However, my boyfriend came across an ad posted on Facebook for a college student special targeting my university for $5 manicures just by showing your student ID card. I was so excited! I knew it wasn’t going to be acrylic, but still the idea of a practice run for an acrylic manicure in the near future. I’ve planned to get a manicure in February for sure! I’m really looking forward to it.

Back to yesterday (January 19, 2017), I planned to go in the early afternoon to get my $5 manicure, BUT it just so happened I had forgotten my student ID. So I ended up going home instead. I was so mopey about it and then my boyfriend decided we should go because he knows how much I have been wanting a manicure but I choose to never really treat myself.

For instance when I go shopping I hardly ever pay full price and as much as I would LOVE to buy something of good quality and a name brand. I don’t have the heart to spend my hard earned money on it which results with me buying a cheaper quality brands to save my money. When I go shopping I still measure the value of my wants with the value of my hard work which earned my money. For Example: I was shopping the other day at Hot Topic and picked up two shirts that happened to be on sale (BUY ONE GET ONE $1) however the price of the first shirt I picked up was $18.99 and the second one was $17.99 so the final price was going to be at least $20 and I kept going back and forth on whether or not I should buy the shirts or not. Then I realized if I’m thinking about it this long I might as well not buy them at all so I put them back. I don’t regret not getting the shirts, but I do consider how I spend my money carefully.

Anyways, I arrived to the salon which was a small business exactly what I expected. I was greeted and asked to choose a color which I had a difficult time with. The girl who was going to do my nails is the daughter of the business owner (her mom). I really admired the business, it was small but homey and nice. I was greeted well and asked if I wanted a certain chair so I could be more comfortable. The employees simply had cheerful vibes. They were very pleasing and I could feel that they wanted to do right by every customer that walked in. The girl started by asking me to put one hand in a little bowl which had water to soak my nails. I felt like Elle in Legally Blonde.

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This is the best picture I could find 🙂

After soaking each of my hands in the water so my cuticles could be soft the girl then continued to clean around my cuticles. There was not much to clean she cleaned 2 of my nails on each hand. Then the fun began, she started to paint my nails! I changed my mind on the color 3 times -.- I first chose aqua, then this pastel minty green and then I settled for a a pastel pink since I hardly ever do my nails light colors and pink. She painted 2 coats and then a clear coat on top. She massaged my hands and put lotion and oil on them. It was so relaxing. I am very excited to go back especially since it’s a small business and not enough small businesses get support. The service was great! Price was PERFECT. This was a great manicure, definitely worth my $5!!! Overall I had a wonderful experience and I can’t wait to get my first full on manicure and pedicure.

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