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NYX Review: TURNT UP LIPSTICK and Butter gloss

Hi, guys long time no post! Well, last weekend I went back to my hometown. While I was there I got my first manicure which I will write about in a few weeks. Anyways while I was home my friend and I were hanging out and she said, “where should we go?” I told her, “Ulta” so we went.

I know what you may be thinking is why? Especially with the scandal of employees making RETURNED products look nice just to be resold. Well, I have been wanting to go for a long time so we went. I found these lip products on sale and they happened to also be on clearance!!!! SCORE! Once I got to the register the total came out to $1.67 or so for the lip butter, but once I went to grab two other NYX Turnt Up lipsticks were also $1.67 or so. Both products were about the same price.

Initially, I was only planning to buy one which is the NYX Lip butter because I’ve heard such positive reviews about it!!! Its taken me a while to buy lip products since I have a few already, but your girl couldn’t resist a sale.

On to the review! Both lipsticks have a creamy consistency and glide on smoothly. They are well pigmented and definitely long-lasting. Not super long lasting, but long enough to last at least 5 hours because then I ate and had to reapply. I would say the pink (Privileged) one lasted longer because the purple (Twisted) one is a pastel shade so I didn’t expect it to last all day. All through the consistency and long wear were enough for me. I really love the shade Twisted. The NYX Turnt Up collection has a collection of 22 shades. The regular price for one lipstick from the collection is $6.50.

The Lip Butter in the shade Sugar Plum and the original price of one is $5.00 However, I have heard multiple times from friends and classmates that at Target they are on sale for $3.00 The consistency of the lip butter is thicker because it applies more like a liquid lipstick. It dries nicely, but the application was easy compared to other liquid lipsticks I have tried. It dries a little glossy and is long lasting.

I will definitely buy more in the future once I use my lipsticks more. I’ll probably buy them from Target or online. I’ll keep you guys posted on where I buy them from. Overall, I really love them! I have been OBSESSED with purple so that’s why I picked these shades. I picked the pink shade because I have been trying to find a pink shade to be obsessed with.

Let me know if you guys have tried these and what your favorite shades are!!!!! xoxo 🙂

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