• Fashion

    March Goodwill Haul

    Earlier this month I was preparing to attend a career fair. While preparing for the career fair I realized I didn’t have the proper attire, so I decided to go to Goodwill to look at clothes. I already had plans to donate a bag of my clothes and shoes, so I just decided to actually go inside and shop for blouses, slacks and blazers. I have slacks, flats, heels, and a few nice shirts for interviews but I┬áhave needed to add more to my professional clothing. I ended up spending $33 and I bought 3 blouses, 2 shirts, 1 pair of slacks, and 1 blazer. On the day of the…

  • Health

    My Self Care Routine

    I have been beyond stressed lately with working about 20 hours a week part time and going to school full-time taking 5 classes, 15 units. Having a planner and scheduling can only help so much. I’ve had to devote so much time recently to study and to stay motivated. Now that I’ve got everything under control since my spring break is around the corner, I’ve noticed my self care has not been as big of a priority as it should be. In my free time, I have been watching Hulu and going on walks to be active. Since noticing that I need to do more for myself I came up…

  • Uncategorized

    Mystery Blogger Award

    Wow, my first blogging award! First off, I want to thank those who take the time to read my posts and for the support! Thank you to Paolo, for the nomination and be sure to check out his blog P.S. Barbosa. I was wondering how long it would take before I was nominated for one. It’s crazy how this year has been the most I have been engaged with other bloggers and I’m grateful for my online blogger friends and to the blogging community! The mystery blogger award was created to support great bloggers and for their creative posts! It was also created to promote new bloggers to readers and…

  • My Life

    Apartment Hunting Tips

    I got my first apartment last summer and I wish someone had given me tips. Since summer is coming up in a few months and some of you might be moving or planning to move soon, here are some tips that will help. Apartment hunting is stressful, hopefully these tips will prevent your search taking too long. First tip start early, at least 3 months before you plan on actually moving. I recommend 6 months just to be safe and to have an idea of where to apply to as soon as places start taking applications. Start looking up apartment complex’s that interest you and their prices, so you can…

  • Hobbies

    March 2018 Playlist

    Hey guys, thought I’d share my current playlist with you! Since it’s that time in the semester for midterms I’ve been in the library a lot listening to music while studying and I’ve been loving these songs! IDFC-Blackbear Anxiety-Blackbear Never be the same-Camila Cabello I fall apart-Post Malone THE GREATEST SHOWMAN SOUNDTRACK !!!!!!! God’s Plan-Drake IDGAF-Dua Lipa New Rules-Dua Lipa Let me know if you love any of these songs too! Also comment your current favorite song or songs I’d love to hear songs that are similar!

  • My Life

    My Parent’s Addiction: The Early Years

    Here’s how I remember it, my mom and stepfather started working at a grocery store. First my mom began working and prior to this my mom has never worked a day in her life in the United States. However, she met someone and found a job which we really needed at the time. With my mom working for a few years and my stepfather staying home it was difficult because my brother and I didn’t have our mom. I started going through puberty and had to get advice from my stepfather which was awkward and not my first choice. When both of my parents started working, I had to babysit…