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Fitness Watch Review

My father bought me my first pedometer at 7 years old as I remember at a Big 5 Sporting Goods store. At the time I did not understand the meaning of it but after learning its function I liked it. For a few years, I treasured that pedometer, but something happened to it. Fast forward to my first years in college I bought a pedometer for $10. At first, I was happy with my purchase believing it was accurate and loved that it would help me. Later I learned it was not accurate so I stopped using it.

One of my goals for this year is to take much better care of myself so I bought a fitness watch on Amazon for $30.  Click here to see it. I just wanted something that would be accurate, affordable and helpful! I spent a year looking online before reaching the decision to buy my current fitness watch. In the past, I mostly browsed pedometers because I just needed it to have the simple function of counting my steps. Then after getting some encouragement from one of my supervisors at work who uses a Fitbit daily, I decided to look for an affordable fitness watch. I have heard great things about Fitbits, but it is not in my budget right now. Another one of concerns with a Fitbit is I probably won’t use my watch every single day and this fitness watch is to just motivate and encourage me to be more active. Once I become active without needing to see my progress on the watch I will begin to use it less. Of course, I plan on staying active, but purchasing a Fitbit to do so just isn’t in the cards for me.

Onto the review, so my watch measures my heart rate, counts my steps and has 3 other functions which measure my movement while I walk, run or ride a bike. This watch is very easy to operate and set up. The battery life is amazing!!!! The watch itself is also super easy to charge, the charger will cost you $5 maximum unless you have an Iphone then lucky you already have the charger. I’ve had this watch for about a month a half now, and I can use it up to 2 weeks without charging it.

Another one of the great features of this watch is it can connect the information to an app on your phone. So you can see all of your stats on your phone and I love seeing the progress I’ve made since first starting. You can also easily enable the watch to give you notifications of calls, text messages and app notifications such as Twitter and Messenger.

I really love my Fitness watch, the only problem I’ve had is forgetting to bring it sometimes. I think the more I use it the less of a problem I’ll have with that. I highly recommend if you are busy and want to get started with taking care of yourself. I have also lost 5 lbs so far. 🙂

How do you guys feel about Fitbits? Do you guys something similar or do you guys prefer not using anything?


  • Abina George

    I’ve been looking at these fitness watches on Amazon and this really makes me want to buy it. I need to walk more and I was hoping that a device like this we incentivize walking for me lol.

    • DeannaSStilwell

      It honestly really motivates me to get my steps and when you hit 10,000 steps the watch congratulates you and shows a little picture of a trophy on the screen it’s cute!!!

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