Exploring New Brands: Doro Della Vita

This is a new segment I’m going to do and here’s to one of my new discoveries. This is going to be a long read, so grab your snacks.

Dora Della Vita is a luxury fashion line designed by Katurus Braswell, an amazing designer. Dora Della Vita is Italian for “The Golden Life.” This is his first line and you can see all of his clothing from the line here.  Here is how he tells his story of how he started the line. Everything from the line is handmade!


                                            I was not paid for this post! All opinions are my own!

First Impression

My opinion of the brand is it really is a luxury brand, that was my first impression from looking at the clothing and products on the website. The name brings the appeal of luxury, it just sounds fancy which was the intention. Once you feel the material of the clothing you’ll see what I mean. The material feels really soft, silky and smooth on your skin. It doesn’t feel cheap, and uncomfortable either. It feels bougie. It feels expensive and is definitely worth your money. It may seem expensive, but consider this the quality is AMAZING! The clothes are coming from another state unless you live near the East Coast specifically Georgia. I am a California girl and for my clothes to come from another state supporting someone’s dreams, that’s pretty awesome. So if it means saving up for a little bit and being able to splurge to buy a few other products that caught my eye from the line I am going to do so.

The Brand and Designer!

A little bit about the designer, Katurus is also a blogger and you can check out his blog here. He is a motivational blogger and blogs about his life, thoughts on everyday things, blogging and how to stay motivated besides bringing us updates on his brand.

What I thought about the dress?

When I first saw the dress, I thought it was so pretty. I would have liked to see it in black, but black is done everywhere. So for me to actually wear a white dress was definitely out of my normal fashion routine. Also, I liked that the dress made me step out of my comfort zone with the length as well. I am like 5 feet and I like short dresses to give the illusion that I’m taller. Lol.

The dress looked even more bougie in person compared to the website. Then after touching the material to feel it, I loved the texture. I expected the dress to feel soft, stretchy and comfortable. However, I didn’t expect to fall in love with the material as much as I did. After touching the dress, I called my boyfriend over to touch the dress and he was shocked at how nice the material feels as well. He had the same reaction I had which was surprised that we’re getting such good quality for our money. In reality, if you go to a luxury store the material they use is not as comfortable, that’s just my opinion.

When wearing the dress, I felt so BOUGIE. It gave me that boss woman feeling like I’m a boss ass b*tch! I honestly felt so professional wearing the dress. I liked the way it accentuated my curves complementing my body instead of making me hate my curves. Overall, I plan on wearing the dress often this summer once I am finished with my spring semester at uni.

You can never know what to expect with online shopping because of sizing so you just have to trust your gut in what you buy clothing. Thankfully for me, I did read the materials used and had an idea of what it would feel like.

The sizing is normal U.S. sizes. I ordered a large because of my chest and I didn’t want that to be the reason for me not being able to wear it. I think a medium would have suited me better, but that didn’t take away from my love for the dress. I am super happy with the dress in a large because I really wanted to wear it.

I felt great while wearing the dress, I immediately had a few ideas on what to pair it with. I like that it’s colorful, yet simple. I plan to pair it with a denim jacket and a pair of black strappy heels. I plan on working my purple clogs into an outfit too.


I came up with some outfit inspirations with this dress whether it be casual, going out, fancy, party or professional!

My Future Purchases

Right off the bat, I wanted the crop top, swimsuit, cap, and a hoodie. I plan on buying a crop top next month in black even though it will be summer, maybe I’ll change my mind and order the crop top in white. LOL, I was going to buy the swimsuit, but I forgot I have a perfectly good swimsuit that I just bought last summer. So I might buy the swimsuit either in the middle of summer or more towards the end of summer. The leggings match the dress which makes me want them too. So I’ll slowly buy more pieces and post updates on new products!

What do you guys think of this line? What’s your favorite product from the line? Mine is the dress, but the crop top comes in second!

4 thoughts on “Exploring New Brands: Doro Della Vita

  1. Both crop tops would look AMAZING on you, though I’m partial to the black. I prefer the black cap, I feel the blue would look better in a faded denim tone. The dress is stunning and I love the length on you, white was definitely the right choice. Also, I’m a little drunk.

    1. Lmao 😂 Idk which one I’m gonna get yet. I like the black cap, because it more neutral. The black crop top brings out the logo more in my opinion which is why I like it!

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