Charcoal Soap Review

Back in February I had a girl’s day and got a manicure with my friend and then we went shopping after. While we were there at Ulta, she bought 2 charcoal soaps and there happened to be a sale so she gave me one. She paid $7.50 for 2 soaps. It was a buy one get one half off, regular price is $5. We’ve both had different experiences with the soap.

I have sensitive and dry skin. My problem areas are blackheads, whiteheads and occasional acne but it’s very minimal. I’ve been using the soap every other day and I love it! The smell isn’t too strong and you only need a little bit to wash your face every day. I’m trying to use the soap every day while simultaneously using my other skin care products. The soap works really well with my skin, and does not cause me any discomfort! It leaves my skin feeling soft and smooth which makes me feel super FRESH afterward!!!! After each face wash with this soap, I can see a huge difference which is fewer blackheads and whiteheads. My skin also looks brighter and has more of an even complexion. My even complexion could be from other factors such as drinking plenty of water, exercising, eating healthier, getting more sleep and my other skin care products which are shown below. Overall, taking care of myself has been very proactive in helping my skin.

While my friend has combination skin. She has stopped using the soap every day because she’s noticed it started to dry out her skin. Now she uses it every few days, and she still finds it to help.

I’ve also had my boyfriend use the soap and he has dry skin. He gets blackheads and very minimal acne as well. He’s only used the soap once in a while, but his skin reacts fine to the soap. It clears the blackheads and makes his skin feel soft and smooth.

The Consensus

It’s a great soap, definitely worth $5 because it’s not overpowering and it didn’t irritate my skin. I have really sensitive skin and when using skincare products I like to leave them on a little bit longer because I believe they work better. The soap has given my friend and boyfriend good results besides of myself. The soap will definitely last FOREVER because I’ve had it for 2 months now and it barely looks used. Besides this charcoal product, I have had great success with generic charcoal pore strips from Dollar Tree. Not only that, but I also use charcoal paste before I brush my teeth with toothpaste sporadically because I get lazy. Lol

2 thoughts on “Charcoal Soap Review

  1. Activated charcoal is my go to for everything. I love to brush my teeth with it. It’s a great whitener. I also love the fact that it doesn’t have a taste. My sister drinks it! That’s something I will not try lmao. It freaks me out too much. I didn’t know Dollar Tree sold pore strips. I need to check that out! Thanks for the great post!!

    1. Thanks girl! Drinking it is a little too far lol I wasn’t even aware that was possible! I’ve been loving this soap right now and I like the smell in the soap, it smells refreshing.

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