Beauty Haul

Hey guys! I have been seeing so many hauls from Dollar Tree lately and I went to the mall recently where I purchased a few new products from a new Asian Beauty store. If you wanna browse the store, click here.

On to my haul…

Everything this haul consisted of!
Close up picture!
These are both from the Dollar Tree!
Also from the Dollar Tree.
Swatches of all 4 lip glosses. Super shimmery!

I bought the lip glosses because I’ve been loving my current lip gloss which I feature here. All lip glosses were purchased at Dollar Tree. I really liked the packaging and product overall. I’ll be doing a makeup look featuring the lip glosses in a few days, so stay tuned for that! I know you guys can’t really see the lip gloss shades because they are super shimmery but I’ll be trying to show you guys what they look like in another post.

The headbands were sold by a lady at my university who was selling a bunch of items. The headbands happened to be 2 for $5 and they were handmade. They were really simple DIY, but I wanted them. I’ll be doing a DIY very soon.

I purchased the bracelet from Miniso, a new Asian makeup store that recently opened up at the mall. I purchased a few other products as well, but I’m still using them so I’ll be posting something else on those items soon. The bracelet was only $2.99 and it came with 2. I liked that they were intricate yet simple and cheap. I haven’t worn them yet because I’m in the process of taking finals but I plan on wearing them a lot this summer!

I am a sucker for very cute things especially when they’re super affordable! I love buying beauty products and accessories.

What’s your favorite thing to go shopping for?


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