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Dresses From Shein

This was supposed to be a post for dresses to wear when attending graduation however the dresses I ordered don’t really fit that occasion. I’m probably going to wear the last dress to my boyfriend’s graduation, but I really liked these dresses so I thought I should share them with you guys!

Don’t mind my pose it’s because the rip is by my arm lol so that’s my hand is on my stomach. This dress was $4.

This dress was $8. Steal!
I believe this dress was $6!

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  • Abina George

    I love these dresses! That pink dress is making me feel like I don’t have enough pink in my closet. Rest assured, this post makes me want to shop. Btw You look great! I can’t wait to see more of your wardrobe!

    • DeannaSStilwell

      THANK YOU!!! I don’t have enough pink in my closet and that dress still has a hole in it. I wanted to try out that new trend of felt though, I really liked it. The dress feels comfy and looked great. I’ll definitely be sharing more of my wardrobe.

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