Getting Help for my Insomnia

Getting Help for my Insomnia

Have you ever had trouble sleeping? Imagine having trouble sleeping 5 days a week for a few weeks? Trying to sleep, but not being able to sleep is the most frustrating thing!!!! I have struggled with insomnia throughout my whole life and although I knew about insomnia I never sought out help.

I would confide to my parents about not being able to sleep but I didn’t receive much sympathy or empathy. I never confided to a doctor because I didn’t want to admit I have a problem. I mean I wanted to and I’ve tried in the past, but doctors never thought of it as a huge problem. The doctors I confided to just brushed off my insomnia so I didn’t have the confidence to bring up the issue again.

This past year after talking to more of my friends, coworkers, and boyfriend about my insomnia I saw a doctor at my college and told him about my sleeping problems. He asked me a few questions and came to the conclusion it was probably stress, or that I have a sleep apnea. After hearing what the possible causes are it was reassuring to know there are reasons I can’t sleep and it’s not just in my head like people have been telling me. The doctor recommend Tylenol pm and then after discussing it more with my supervisors at work they recommend melatonin because it’s a healthier alternative. It was nice and comforting to receive some actual support about the issue instead of having it brushed off like in the past.

I tried Tylenol PM and although it was $20 at a CVS for 150 tablets it does work. My initial thought was it was quite expensive for a prescription, but since it is so many pills it’s going to last months! I’ve had it since February and it’s June now and I’ve been using it when needed. After trying Tylenol PM for the second day in a row and it not having the same effect, I went back to CVS and bought melatonin. The melatonin has worked on and off as well.

Besides taking the pills once in a while I also try to exercise and eat healthier. My doctor also told me that losing weight would help me sleep better so that’s another goal I am trying to work on. Working out regularly does help me sleep better and eating healthier makes me feel better when its time for bed.

Overall since going to the doctor and seeking help it has made a huge difference! I don’t stress as much about getting enough sleep. I don’t want to rely on the pills so I try to only take them when needed. I also try to work out just by going on walks or going to the gym and doing cardio and weights. Eating healthier overall has also made a change because I don’t feel bloated when going to bed.

If any of you have had similar experiences please let me know how you got through your insomnia and if there’s anything else that’s helped you.

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  1. Hope you are feeling better! I felt like this a few times and what helped me a lot was searching on YouTube some guided meditations. Before finishing the meditation audio, I was already asleep 😁.

    Hopefully this tip can help you! 💕💕

    1. Thank you it’s a constant struggle. I will look for those videos, thanks so much for the recommendation! I haven’t heard of meditation to help with insomnia. Thank you so much for reading my blog and for taking the time to leave a great comment!!!! Do you recommend any channels?

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