May Favorite TV shows

May Favorite TV shows

Hey guys it’s the middle of June so here are my favorite shows from May. This month I finished a few series that I highly recommend. I also got cable and I have been loving it although I’ve had to adjust getting used to commercials again, but that’s mainly because I’m not watching cable on my tv and on my Mac instead. I haven’t been able to watch on my television because it’s not setup yet.

On to the shows!


I started watching Suits last summer and I’ve been waiting to catch up with the most current season which is season 7. Rachel and Mike are my favorite characters and I’m sad that the show isn’t going to be the same without them. I love shows about lawyers so this has been a guilty pleasure. It runs on the USA channel. I’ve been watching it on Amazon prime, but I think I’ll have to find a new source because it hasn’t been available on amazon prime for quite some time now.


The Fosters

This show is nothing, but drama and it’s coming to an end this week. I really enjoyed it at first then it became so ridiculous. It’s a show about a family who takes in two foster children which create SOOO much drama for the family. It’s a show where you know it’s too ridiculous to be real, but you’ve invested so much time into the characters you can’t help yourself but to watch it to the end.

the fosters

A different world

This show is a spinoff from the Cosby show, where one of his daughters goes to college. It’s about her life in college and it’s a great wholesome, family friendly show. It’s still relevant to today and it makes me laugh. The show has great humor and shenanigans. I found it on Amazon Prime and I’ve been watching it sporadically.


What would you do?

This show is on Freeform and ABC and it’s a reality show where the creator and the producers come up with real life scenarios to see how people would react. It aired before all youtubers started doing “Pranks” to get views. I really like this show because they’ve featured real people and their situations on the show who have written letters to them. For example this tween boy wrote a letter describing his bullying story and they featured him on the show and it was nice to see the positive side for once. They also change sex, ethnicity and location for each scenario.

what would you do.jpeg


This show is on Netflix and the CW. It’s a great series and I’ve fallen behind since moving last year but my brother keeps me up to date with the biggest plot twists. I love watching a female superhero especially Supergirl because I liked the actress from Glee, and because I’m a huge fan of Superman. I highly recommend it.


The Bold Type

I just started watching this show this week and it’s alright. It’s today’s version of Sex and the City, geared towards our society and technology. I prefer Sex and the City all day everyday over this show, but it’s nice to see a younger version. I’m going to decide whether or not to keep watching once I finish the first season. This show also revolves around a magazine where all the characters work.


6 Replies to “May Favorite TV shows”

  1. I’m in love with suits! I’m currently trying to get up to date with the new season however. Also I think I’ve seen a few eps of a different world, such a classic. I’ve been meaning to watch the Bold Type but I don’t like the idea of it being a younger sex and the city lol nothing can ever replace that! Great round up 👍🏽

    xx Lena |

    1. Suits is great! I’m really excited for the current season, but sad at the same time. Don’t wanna give away any spoilers lol Sex and the City is such a classic I’m just watching the Bold Type because I liked the trailer for it. I like that it has fashion and writing in it. I’m really digging a different world right now, it’s so funny and relatable. Wish I had found it sooner. Thank you! 😊

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