DIY Blog Journal

I created my own blog journal to help sort through my ideas. The idea came to me when I was scrolling through my draft list here on WordPress. I don’t like how long it is and forgetting great ideas I come up with all the time. The journal is meant to help me record statistics, goals, progress, and to keep my ideas all in one place instead of having them scrambled around from my head and on my blog.

While writing in my journal, I saw a video on a bullet journal and realized my blog journal is quite similar. I wanted to dedicate a journal for blogging so I could separate my ideas in a more productive way. I plan on starting a bullet journal in a few months after I finish my personal blogging journal. I want to use my blogging journal to help me come up with better ideas for my bullet journal.

My journal has helped me with jotting down ideas and coming up with budgets and recording my monthly goals for my blog. Noting down statistics and comparing the months has been really useful. I like being able to write about my life in my journal too so I can have everything in one journal.

I’ve divided my blog into sections, blogging goals, journal, financial, blogging ideas and etc. I divided my journal with little sticky notes and for my next blogging journal it will be much more organized. So far those are the main categories and I’ve written through a third of my journal. I bought this journal at Dollar Tree after I wasn’t able to find a planner. A month after I found a planner at the 99 cents store, however it’s a student planner and it doesn’t give me much room to write until August. The planners will come in handy once it is August and I’m juggling my last semester at college, working full-time and having a social life while keeping up with my blog.

Currently I have kept track of my stats and goals for one month and it’s helped me meet my goals. I have at least 4 pages of blog ideas and am so excited to write about all of them! I like being able to write my goals and then forget about them for the month instead of checking my stats so often. Of course I check my stats pretty often but I don’t stress about getting more views as much.

If you guys have your own blogging journal or planner please share in the comments of where you bought it or how you write in it!!!

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