Manicure vs Pedicure Experiences

HELLO ALL, I recently got my first pedicure with my friends 2 weeks ago and I wanted to compare my first manicure to my first pedicure. I’ve always wanted to get a manicure and pedicure but I’ve never had the heart to spend my money to get them. The main reason I had to keep putting off my manicure was that at the time I was working at fast food jobs and it was against food safety rules to have nail polish let alone acrylics. I decided I would get a manicure when I was able to get a better job and when I could enjoy having my nails done. I also wanted to go to a good place so I could have a good experience which is another reason I held off. When I was looking for a place to get my nails done, I would get told tons of different places and mixed reviews.

After putting it off for one year and making plans with my friends we went and got a manicure one weekend and then a pedicure a few weeks after. We didn’t make appointments for either because for one of the places didn’t take appointments while the other place I knew wouldn’t be as busy.

My manicure was done pretty fast like an hour for everything at the most. It didn’t even feel like an hour. I picked the color I wanted and the style. I didn’t really think about the style too much because I just wanted to experience regular nails to start off with. I really liked the color and having a glitter top coat on it. I decided to get gel nails because I know they would last longer, but I regret it because it was painful. The lady that did my nails cut my skin a few times. When she applied the gel top coat and I put my nails under the light my hands and nails were BURNING. I didn’t enjoy any of that. The next few days felt strange for my nails, because the acrylics weighed down my nails. After 3 days the nails no longer had any weight, however, whenever I would hit something with my nails the pain was UNDESCRIBABLE. Even after having acrylics for 3 weeks, the pain hurt just as much as the first time when I would accidentally bump into something.




During my third week of having my manicure, I decided in the middle of the week I wanted to get my nails removed. When I told my friends they told me I should just take them off myself because “it’s cheaper.” I disagreed with their opinion because I didn’t want to break one of my nails while removing them because I have never removed acrylics before. I just felt more comfortable having someone else who was experienced remove my nails for me so I could see how it’s done and learn how to do it in the future if I decide to get a manicure again. I went to the nearby nail salon and the nail technician who removed my nails for me was very nice. She got to know me a little bit and seemed much more genuine compared to the lady that gave me my manicure. This nail technician was also concerned with my pain tolerance and made sure while she was removing each nail that I was comfortable while the lady who gave me a manicure wasn’t even aware she was hurting me. Once the last nail was removed, my nails felt like they could breathe again. They definitely were not as pretty as before. My real cuticles had scratches all over them and the nails that had grown in the 3-week time frame were fragile and weak. I heard that it’s pretty common for your nails to be weak after getting a manicure because your nails can’t breathe when the acrylics are on top of them. I was advised by my friends, coworkers and the nail technician to apply a nail strengthener nail polish to my nails for a few weeks and then my nails would return back to normal. I got my manicure back in February and removed in March. It is now June, and my nails are back to normal. My cuticles are healthy and my nails are strong again. On average according to my friends and coworkers, it takes around 6 months to a year before your nails gain back their normal strength.

Overall, I enjoyed my manicure but I would have done a few things differently. I would have gotten my acrylics half the length that they were so they would be more enjoyable. I would have just gotten a regular manicure instead of gel because it was not worth it in my opinion. I paid $41 for my manicure and I kept them on for 3 weeks because I needed to type and it was difficult to type among doing other tasks at home and work.

My pedicure experience was similar in two ways, but different overall. I went to a different place to get a pedicure with my friends because we were told this business is known for their pedicures. Sure enough the day we planned to go all of the massage chairs for pedicures were filled. We waited for about 15-20 minutes I wanna say before we were able to sit in a massage chair and start picking out what we wanted. My friend and I both got gel pedicures because we were told it was going to be $21. However, when we paid it was $35. The foot massage by the foot massager was super relaxing and much needed for me recently. The pedicure was off to a great start, and then I picked a nice sky blue and informed the nail technician that I wanted to get a gel pedicure. Most people around me were getting gel pedicures and it seemed pretty common for them. All of the women were regulars because they were all known by the nail technicians and they were familiar with the process. After getting my nails painted the nail technician gave me a foot massage herself and it was SUPER relaxing. The massage alone was worth the pedicure for me because I got a “me” day and to spend time with my friends. The cost was greater than I anticipated, but I also noted that for my first pedicure it was fine a “treat yourself day.” I hardly splurge on myself as it is so I thought why not. The light for my gel pedicure wasn’t painful at all. It was much quicker than my manicure. My whole pedicure experience was much more positive compared to my manicure experience.

The next time I get a pedicure I will not get a pedicure with gel nails unless the cost isn’t more than a regular pedicure. Other than that I would find a place that takes appointments so I don’t have to wait in the future. I enjoyed everything else about my pedicure. I could see myself getting a mani/pedi every few months or so just to relax and pamper myself.

Let me know about your manicure and pedicure experiences! Which do you like getting more manicures or pedicures?

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  1. I love getting just a regular pedicure because the nail polish lasts so long anyways! And then I get shellac manicures. My sister gets gel nails but she says they only hurt when they have to “grind” down the nails a bit. They shouldn’t ever cut you. It happens sometimes but they should be fully aware of what they’re doing!

    1. What’s a shellac manicure? Yeah that hurt a little but it wasn’t horrible. Yeah, the lady that was doing my nails wasn’t even aware she was hurting me until I started reacting to the pain. So I’m never going there again.

    1. Thank you! I might try one of those nail sets where you glue them on yourself or they already come with glue next 😊

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