Creating Your Unique Style

Creating Your Unique Style

By: Diana Wills 

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When you think about women like Ariana Grande and Dita Von Teese, you immediately remember something unique about them. For Ariana, it’s her ponytail and her urban fashion, and for Dita, it’s the art of burlesque, something she does better than anyone else. You know these women not by the things they wear, but how they wear them and how they let their wardrobe speak about their creative personalities. Creating your style isn’t really about buying all the latest micro-season fashion trends and piling up brand clothes in your closet. It’s about telling a story, about showing the world who you are and expressing yourself through what you wear. Do you want to know how you can do that? We’re here to help.

Dress for your body, not against it

Not everyone fits the same beauty standard, and it’s really not necessary to even try. You don’t have to be a six-foot-tall slim model to be fashionable, and you don’t need to wear things you see on the runway if they don’t inspire you. Instead of trying to squeeze yourself into uncomfortable dresses, find what kind of shapes actually fit your body type and be proud of it. Maybe you’re all slim and willowy and graceful, or maybe you’re a sexy curvy goddess, or maybe you’re strong and sturdy and powerful. Don’t self-deprecate, that leads to bad fashion choices, not to mention misery. Enjoy your body type, because it’s unique.

Invest in a tailor

Every person should have something tailor-made at least once in their life. It can be a cute fit-and-flare dress, or a business suit, or maybe the most perfect pair of pants in the universe. Tailored clothes look almost magically good because they’re made specifically for you, so they’ll fit like a dream. A good fit is everything, and you’ll instantly get a ton of style points just for wearing something that doesn’t bunch up anywhere, doesn’t tug, isn’t too loose in places, and manages to mold itself around your body.

Find your colors

The kind of colors that look good on you depend mostly on your own taste and the shade of your hair and eyes. Perhaps you’re into warm tones and love that autumnal palette that’s full of rich burgundy, burnt sienna, spice orange, and other “fallen leaves” shades. Maybe you really like deep gem colors like royal blue and emerald green, or maybe you like light, feminine pastels. The best thing you can do is grab different colored clothes and then hold them up to your face as you look at the mirror. Which colors look better with your skin tone and your hair? Simply try out different things, see what you like.

Make sure your accessories are uniquely personal

Accessories are the perfect way to complete an outfit, and this is exactly the moment you get to show off your fashion skills. Every diva knows that a good pair of earrings can perfectly complement a little black dress, that the right shoes can make or break an outfit. If your vision is not the best and you need glasses, keep in mind that that’s one of the most permanent accessories one could ever have. So why not invest in some amazing glasses frames that suit your face shape – that way, you’ll always look your best. Pick colorful scarves, pick cute bangles and earrings, find beautiful leather bags. The most boring of outfits can be transformed through a good accessory, so make sure you have several pieces that you really like and you’ll always have something fun to wear.

Have a signature lipstick

It could be the perfect peachy nude, or a rich, velvety red. Pick one lipstick, and pick a lipstick with a cool name. Keep it in your bag and wear it often because people will come to associate it with you, they’ll remember you if they see a similar shade on someone else. It’s a powerful thing, to have your own signature like that.

Get out of your comfort zone

Ever had something you always wanted to try but never dared? Well, now’s a great time. You can pull off a lot more styles than you think you can, but you need to be bold enough to actually try them. As we’ve said, fashion is for everyone, so don’t let anything limit you, don’t be afraid to play around and experiment with different things.

And most of all, stay true to yourself. If you like something, wear it, and enjoy it. Most of the time, if you wear something with confidence other people will flock to you and rush to admire your fashion skills. Allow yourself to get creative, and never ever take fashion seriously – it’s there for you to have fun.

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