Growing My Eyebrows with Castor Oil & Vaseline

Do you ever wish your eyebrows were a little thicker and longer? If so, you’re not alone because my eyebrows are sparse and I’ve had the same thoughts. After watching a few youtube videos combined with reading articles on how to get your eyebrows thicker I learned of the two main ideas that were repeated.

One of the ways to grow your eyebrow hairs is to apply Vaseline on your eyebrows before going to sleep and to continue applying Vaseline every night for a few months. I have used that method and it worked! I did it for 3 months consecutively and it did wonders, I saw a difference after a few days. I recommend purchasing a small jar of Vaseline because it will last you a long time! Vaseline, in general, is handy to have for cuts and to use as chapstick when you don’t have any.

One of the other most popular methods mentioned for growing your eyebrow hairs is to use Castor Oil. You apply castor oil on your eyebrows before going to bed and continue doing the same thing every night for a few months.

I can’t guarantee your eyebrows will be thicker in X amount of months because everyone is different. However, I do recommend trying it for a week and seeing if it’ll help you. I personally don’t really mind my sparse eyebrows. I mean yeah they’re barely there but they’re mine and at least I have some. I’ve come to accept my face in its a natural state. I decided to try these methods to see if it would work. My main goal was to get my eyebrows to have a “tail” at the end because my eyebrows don’t even grow to the end where they are supposed to. I also wonder if it’s because once I waxed them for the first time maybe the lady that waxed my eyebrows overwaxed them. I don’t remember her doing a bad job though so I can’t say for sure.

When purchasing either Vaseline or Castor Oil check your local Dollar Tree or 99 cents store. I looked for Castor Oil in Wal-Mart and I’ve only seen it once there which led me to purchase a little 10-ounce bottle of Castor Oil on Amazon. Here is a link to the Castor Oil I use. As for the Vaseline I purchased a small travel size jar at Target for a little under $2 because I didn’t want to purchase a big jar and feel bad if I didn’t commit to action.

It’s been one month of me applying the castor oil before bed every night and here are the results!

This is me a month after I started applying Vaseline to my eyebrows.

This is me 2 months ago after consistently applying castor oil before going to bed.
This is me tonight before going to bed. Although my eyebrows still look sparse it’s because it’s midnight and the light is deceiving. My eyebrows are much darker, and thicker.

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