Beauty on a Budget: My New Purse !

This is going to be a new series on my blog, where I share my beauty finds that are of course on a budget! Starting with as the title suggests my brand new bougie purse. I have been planning to buy a new purse for myself since starting my new job as a little reward, but also because I’ve never been able to afford a nice quality purse in the past. I had my eyes set on a nice bag with the style similar to this picture below.

During my lunch at work, I decided to go and check out TJMaxx since it was nearby and see what kind of purses they had. I wanted to get an idea of something I would like and how much to save for so by the end of summer or early fall I would have a new purse. It just so happened that day that the majority of purses they had in stock were quite large and not my taste. The prices ranged from $30-$200 for brands like Guess, Coach, Michael Kors, Kathy Ireland and others that I’m not too familiar with. While looking at the purses, I found one that had the style I was looking for and I loved the color! The purse happened to be lavender. I was hoping to get a black purse so it would be neutral, but purple has been one of my favorite colors.

Main Features

Before deciding to buy it, I looked at the price which was $29.99 and it featured another purse in the front which could be removed. It was also detachable meaning it could be a handbag, making it the exact style I wanted. I looked at the space inside the purse making sure it would be able to fit all of my necessities and then some. I also looked at the quality of the bag, because I needed a strong purse to last me a few years, unlike my previous cheap purses. The material seemed very strong.

Other Features

The purse is made from vegan leather which is a MAJOR plus in my book especially because of the price. The brand of the purse is Kathy Ireland and there was only 5 left in the store that I saw. It was the only purse I saw that day that actually met the criteria I was going for and although it’s not as “high quality” as I had planned to get mainly from the price. I believe this purse will last me much longer compared to my previous purses because the material is significantly stronger.


My bougie purse has been holding up fantastic! It is very strong and able to hold all of my necessities. I love that it’s purple making it a statement right off the bat and the fact that the style accomplishes the “look” I desired which was classy.¬†For $30 and the purse retailing at $130, I’d say I did very well. I have yet to try out the clutch attached to the bag, but I plan to very soon and I will do an update on this in a few months.

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