Review on Forever 21 Foot Mask

Back in May, I bought a foot mask from Forever21 and here’s my review. I had high hopes for this foot mask because my feet are always sore from having to wear heels and flats for work. I just wanted to find something that would help relieve the pain I get from walking after work.

Sure enough, this foot mask was super simple. The steps were to put my every foot into a mask which was a bag that had two layers of the product which smelled like apple. It was similar to a sheet mask, but in the form of bags to fit your feet. You leave the mask on for 15-20 minutes, which was pretty comfortable and relaxing. Then you remove the masks and massage the rest of the product onto your feet. The smell was really strong, and it smelled just like green apples. I really liked the smell.

Now I used mine about 2 weeks after buying it and I wanted to do the foot mask with my boyfriend, but he didn’t wanna do it that day. He was reluctant but after another week or so I convinced him to use the foot mask. I thought it would help his feet too, and he had been driving often recently on our summer trips. So he used it and he said it was alright, but after I massaged the product into his feet he liked it a little more. Lol.

My boyfriend uses a foot mask.

The mask cost $2.99 and it was for one-time use. I thought it worth the money for a nice spa day. It made my feet feel and smell better. The mask made my feet feel significantly softer. There was a difference in how my feet felt before and after. Of course, my feet were still sore from wearing heels, but they felt better overall. I would definitely try another mask from Forever21 if you guys have any requests be sure to comment them below!

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