Steps I’m taking to be Healthier

Steps I’m taking to be Healthier

Always trying to stay healthy and here’s what I’ve been doing lately to lose weight and to improve my health. I work a 9am-5pm job, so I haven’t gone to the gym in a while. I plan on going after work now a few times a week or a walk or doing home workouts.

  1. I’ve been going on walks during my 30 minute lunch breaks to get some exercise in my day. I have also been wearing my fitness watch to try and reach 5,000 steps in a day which I know isn’t what we should be getting, but I feel if I’m eating healthier and trying I will reach the 10,000 soon enough.
  2. Eating less junk food has been helping my with my diet. I still eat ice cream, chips and cookies however I’ve been eating a lot less. I’ve been trying to fill up on healthier snacks before I eat something unhealthy.
  3. Eating out less has saved me money and made me crave fast food less. Honestly since not going to a burger place in a while, I haven’t really missed it. I do make chicken burgers at home, and eat frozen pizzas. However, I don’t feel as bad after eating it since I try to eat less throughout the day if I know I’m going to eat something heavy later.
  4. Drinking Fiber drinks to help maintain my blood sugar level, blood pressure, and other things. I’m trying to drink this at least once a day although my goal is twice a day on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays.
  5. Drinking more water since it is summer and I don’t want to be dehydrated in this heat.
  6. Eating more fruits throughout the week to crave less unhealthy sugar. I’ve been eating one main fruit a week, since the sugar is high as well and I have my meals to keep me full.
  7. Adding more vegetables to my diet has been very beneficial. I’ve been making pot pies and adding more vegetables in it that way I don’t have to eat it plain. I also plan on eating more veggie only pot pies soon that way it’s not too heavy.
  8. Getting a good nights sleep has definitely improved lately. It’s always a struggle with my insomnia but with getting up earlier on the weekends to have longer days that’s been helping a bit besides taking Tylenol PM and Melatonin.
  9. Eating smaller meals, to have room for healthier snacks like fruit, yogurt, granola bars and dry healthy cereal. I also plan on stop eating at a certain time soon so I can have more of a set schedule to prevent cravings.
  10. Actually relaxing and spending less time on technology has been a struggle lately since my phone is messed up and that’s my main source of promotion. I am however using my laptop less and watching tv a little more meaning 2-3 hours to take a break from my day and to just write in my journal or enjoy a show.

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