First Attempt on a Cut Crease makeup look

First Attempt on a Cut Crease makeup look

Hey guys I was inspired from watching some makeup tutorials and I have been meaning to try this all summer. Finally got around to attempting a cut crease makeup look and here’s my tutorial on how I did it. All of the products I used are affordable, and can be found at drugstores and makeup stores. I love and prefer vegan and cruelty free brands.


First step of how I start doing my makeup is applying concealer under my eyes. I used Maybelline’s age rewind concealer and I’ve been using this brand of concealer for 4 years now. It can be found at Wal-Mart, Target, CVS, Ulta, and etc.


The next step for me is applying my foundation. I use the Wet n’ Wild foundation which I’ve been a big fan of since it’s release and it’s my favorite foundation to date. It’s lightweight, $6, cruelty free and vegan. It does have darker shades which is nice since it’s under $10. I don’t use a lot of foundation because my skin is pretty clear and I don’t find it necessary to apply pumps of foundation.




After my foundation I start applying my eyeshadow and I decided to go with a dark orange look. I started with a light orange, a peachy shade and built it up with a red orange in the end. For my eyeshadows I used my favorite eyeshadow palette which is by BH and I bought it for $12 I wanna say possibly $8. It comes with 120 shades perfect for all seasons. I’m never buying another eyeshadow palette unless BH comes out with a brighter version of the palette I have.

After applying my eyeshadow and building it up, I used my ELF concealer to start shape the crease. It was difficult to shape because my concealer is old and watery. I think the next time I try a cut crease makeup look I’ll use my Maybelline concealer and have a much better finish.

I love eyeliner and it is my favorite part of my makeup routine! I love eyeliner and haven’t put eyeliner on in a few months regularly. I just started doing my makeup again. I lined my eyes with an eyeliner from Forever21 and it only cost me $1. It’s a liquid eyeliner, very soft and has an edge. After lining my eyes I used my pink panther eyeliner to make my liner darker since my Forever21 eyeliner is almost gone.



This is a bomb highlighter! OMG guys, I bought this at a little boutique in the mall for $4.99 and it shines like no other!!! I only apply two dots on my cheek bones and then one spot dot on my nose and that’s my highlight for the day and girl it is noticeable!


This is the main blush I have been using since 2016 and it’s a peachy shade from Avon. I like that it’s natural and subtle with a little bit of shine.

Here is the finished look which I was pretty pleased with. I think my second attempt will be much better. I’ll try to do it on a weekend that way you guys can see better, because I attempted this earlier this evening.


What do you think of my first attempt?

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