Meeting Michelle Phan @ NA LCS!

Meeting Michelle Phan @ NA LCS!

First off for those of you who don’t know of Michelle Phan, she is one of the first people to make a youtube channel specifically in beauty and makeup. She started blogging with the name RiceBunny and luckily I was able to see it a few years ago before it was removed. She would about blog about her life and beauty and she started making makeup tutorial videos because her readers would ask her to show them in a video how she did her makeup. She became known for her transformation videos. She’s one of the original makeup gurus which started the beauty and makeup community on youtube to what it is today. She then became super popular and started her own makeup line, wrote a book, and was on Forbes list of 30 under 30 most successful people. 

I really admired her as I was a young Asian girl who wanted to pursue business and seeing her dominate in all fields I wanted to pursue was really encouraging. She was one of my idols and to have met her was incredibly unbelievable! I love all of her videos and learned how to do my makeup from watching her videos.

As you know I went to NA LCS in June and it’s where you get to watch online gamers in real life for the game league of legends. While I was there with my boyfriend, Michelle Phan just so happened to come to the event. OMGJAFJAKJF I KNOW RIGHT HOLY SHIET MICHELLE PHAN QUEEN OF MAKEUP ON YOUTUBE (you might disagree, but we can talk about that later)  was there. My boyfriend and I were seated in the second row which was good seating, but the best seating is actually about 2-3 rows up further because you get have a better view of the television screen from which you’re watching the game on. Anyways the first row is reserved for team members family, and important VIP people which is where Michelle was seated.

A group of people started rolling in to the event during the third game I believe. My boyfriend and I naturally glanced over and while my head was turning back to watch the game, it resonated in my brain that one of the faces looked oddly familiar. So I looked back quickly and did a double take and sure enough I believed I saw Michelle Phan. I immediately told my boyfriend who then asked me “Are you sure?” to which I replied with, “I’m like 95% positive!” Then I started wondering and asking myself if it was really her, which happened for probably 15 minutes. I kept staring at her instead of the game we came to watch which was distracting my boyfriend as well. A million things were going through my mind and as soon as she turned and I saw her face I knew it was her. In that moment I knew it was her because her features are very specific if that makes sense, her clear skin, hair style and texture, her large lips, and her body frame. I also examined her outfit from where I was sitting and she was dressed very fashionable and she has amazing taste in clothes.

So I mustered up the courage to find out if I could get a picture or her autograph or something.

I was so nervous, and my boyfriend kept telling me to ask her if it’s her. Although I wanted to ask her, at the same time I know she hasn’t been on youtube for a while and I wanted to respect her privacy.  After giving my boyfriend that reasoning, he suggested I ask the guy who was sitting in front of me since he was also a part of her group. I got the courage to ask him and I said very politely, “Excuse me is that Michelle Phan sitting over there?” to which he gave me a bogus answer, “Uh um I don’t know…maybe” which I have mixed thoughts on. Like okay first off if I was a crazy fan don’t you think I would’ve already been pestering her???? At the same time, I can see he probably wasn’t sure if she wanted to be seen by fans. I still think it was dumb for him to lie, like I know youtubers are people and don’t want to be in the public eye often but they also chose to share their lives with the world. With that I think meeting a fan now and then shouldn’t be so difficult when they have an impact they might not be as accepting of. What I mean by that is people who choose to share their lives on the internet shouldn’t be upset when fans recognize them. When the man gave his bogus reply the girl sitting next to him who was sitting in the middle of him and Michelle Phan also turned in our direction and her face expression changed from happy to whatttt?? That made me believe it was Michelle Phan even more.

I told my boyfriend what the guy said and we thought it was dumb, so we switched seats since my boyfriend’s seat was much closer to Michelle, literally right in front of him was her! I waited a minute or two then I gently tapped Michelle’s shoulder (I KNOW I TOUCHED HER OMGOAFKA) and she turned around and I asked her ” Are you Michelle Phan?” and she replied with “Yes it’s me” to which I said in return, “Oh my god it’s really you” and then she stuck her hand out and she SHOOK my hand and I said my name I think… I was super nervous and excited!!!! Then I began to tell her how much of an influence she was to me when she was active on Youtube. I told her I plan on opening my own business to which she congratulated me. After that I went back to my seat and told my boyfriend and I started crying because holy shit it was FREAKING MICHELLE PHAN someone I really admired growing up and trying to follow by example. I cried for a few minutes and then my boyfriend and I went back to watching the game for a few minutes and then I asked her before the game ended if she would take a picture with me. She said, “Of course!” :))))) I then asked to use my boyfriend’s phone because mine had been messed up for a while. My phone would restart and turn off. She got close to me and we took pictures and then we had a conversation about league of legends with her.


I started watching her videos when I was 16/17 and watched them consistently and kept up with her life up until she left Youtube. I hope she comes back soon or pursues something else like another business so I can learn more from her. Why do you like Michelle Phan?

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