Tools to Help Blogging

Tools to Help Blogging

Starting a blog is really fun but it can also become difficult at times. I just started making time to use other tools to help promote and help my blog. Here are some of the tools that I have found to be useful.

Graphic Design can help your blog by making your blog have a nicer theme and you can promote those pictures on social media. I have tried out Snappa and Canva and I like Snappa more because it’s cheaper in my opinion, easier to use since there’s templates. Canva is priced based on your themes and I’ve noticed a lot of bloggers prefer using it. Snappa is more practical since you can save all of the images you create, the fee is $10. I just started using it recently so I don’t have many tips on how to utilize it yet. My one tip for using graphic design websites is after you design your image, you should take a picture of it from your cellphone instead of spending a monthly fee. Not the best quality, but definitely a loop hole for being on a budget.

Social Media. Utilize Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram. Start posting and posting often to create a brand and help promote all of your posts! I highly recommend utilizing Twitter because I’ve met so many bloggers on Twitter and it’s a very positive community overall. Join groups on Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter to help promote your own content while promoting other content as well. Instagram hasn’t been working for me for a while, since this year really. In the past Facebook used to be a great way to get traffic, but now Twitter is the best place to get traffic.

Connecting with readers and other bloggers on all social media. Try asking questions and posting quotes, news or thoughts that are engaging. On Twitter and Instagram you can do polls which can help you get some feedback with less action, but ask questions leading up to the poll.

Becoming a guest blogger can be fun and a great way to network with other bloggers. Try reaching out via social media and blogger’s contact forms on their blog. I can tell you from personal experience that getting a message from another blogger about working together is very flattering. I haven’t reached out to bloggers through contact forms yet, but I plan too once I have more content on my blog.

Self Promotion on your current posts referring to past posts. It also helps your SEO. I haven’t learned too much about my SEO, but I have been good at self promoting which does feel awkward at times, but my perspective is “If you don’t tell anyone how will they know?” Right? Right. Think of that the next time you are self promoting your blog and social media outlets. There are plenty of groups to join on social media where you can make friends and get feedback!

Building up your SEO by reading more about it and researching what will help your website. I still need to do this, but I will do a post once I use what I learn.

Making actual friends to get different perspectives. Having blogger friends is really essential to help you blog because you have someone who can relate to you and who you can learn from. I’ve been fortunate enough to make a few friends in the blogging community and it has helped me. We help promote each other’s content and help when one of us is having a problem on their blog. An example of that would be with an issue uploading a video or having trouble seeing their comments.

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  1. I never heard of snappa, but I honestly love Canva! I’ve never had to spend a cent on the app/website, but maybe I’m not utilizing it the way other bloggers are? Canva does have an option where you can save all the documents/images you have created prior, and it even has a section where you can set up your brand! You can set up brand colors and fonts, etc. I definitely have to check out Snappa though, great post Deanna xx

    Melina |

    1. Thanks Melina. I use other graphic design websites that I’ll be blogging about soon. I didn’t even know about the brand feature. Canva throws me off because it has the save feature and then the download feature. I always wanna save, but it only gives you 3 saves and then you can download the rest.

  2. This is such great advice! I use Canva, but am going to look into Snappa. I especially like the part about the oh so awkward self-promotion. All of these tips were really helpful and I will put many of them into action now. Thank you for sharing your knowledge!

  3. Some great tips here! Being a blogger is hard work and time consuming but so much fun too! You can find my blog here: 🙂 x

    1. Thank you! Blogging can be tough sometimes but I love being a blogger. I’ll check out your blog! ☺️☺️

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