August Goals

August Goals

We are on the first day of August and I am a few weeks away from starting my last semester of college! I have a lot of goals to finish up the year that I can’t wait to share with you guys!

Personal Goals

First off, I want to start adding to my savings account. Even if it’s a little bit I really want to start to saving for future expenses since I’ll be finished with college very soon. I need to start putting money aside for future expenses and for my own personal goals.

I want to start working out more. I have been going to the gym recently and working out at home. Once I go back to school, I plan on going to the gym after my classes and then going home. I think it’ll help with my mental health and benefit my health overall.

Update my wardrobe by expanding my closet into a better sense of fashion and start wearing outfits that I love instead of just sticking to comfy clothes although I love comfy clothes. I want to start updating my closet so I can have more clothes that will build up my confidence. I want to expand my style and start going out of my comfort zone!

I want this semester to be my best semester and I’m going to try my hardest and very best to earn the best GPA I can!!! I plan to dedicate so much time to studying and giving it my all unless work gets in the way then I’ll do the best I can with the hours I’m given.

Blog Goals

I want to have a minimum of 30 blogs posted for this month, so I would have one for each day. I plan on writing so much this month!

I want to reach 100 followers by the end of the month! I am currently at 46 followers.

I want to reach 20K on Pinterest views by the end of the month.

I want my views to double from what they currently are, so I’m going to work really hard on the content I’m putting out and to promote really well on social media.


What are your monthly goals?

2 Replies to “August Goals”

  1. Great post my goals this month are similar to yours I want to write a post everyday.. fingers crossed because that’s kinda challenging when I want to be a lazy bum 🤷🏾‍♀️ I also plan to engage on my instagram more my goal was to hit 1k twitter followers but I crushed that now I’m working on 2k on instagram so I have to go engage there more so that’s August, engage, grow and share blogs. I enjoyed reading your blog. Great post

    1. Yay! Congrats on meeting your goals! I’m in the same boat I want to relax for the rest of my summer but I also wanna make this a great blogging month! Hope you meet your goals! Try looking for Instagram blog groups, you can tweet on Twitter to find them.

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