Review Impress Press On Manicure

Review Impress Press On Manicure

I love painting my nails and ever since I got my first set of acrylics I’ve been missing them. Although I don’t miss them enough to pay the price to get them again. Nor do I miss the process of getting a manicure (Just in case you haven’t read my last blog post about my manicure experience) done and having them removed. I happened to learn about a new set of nails that was being sold at Dollar Tree and one of my friend’s saw the same youtube video so we went out to the store to go and find them so we could try them!

We went to Rite Aid and found them instantly, my friend chose the nails that were featured in the video. While I chose a different brand of nails and different style entirely BUT both sets of nails we purchased were the same price! I chose the Impress Press on Manicure because the nails already had the glue on them and I wouldn’t have to deal with applying them. I was not in the mood to go through that mess. However I did help my friend pick her nails and apply the glue on for her.


First off both sets of nails were $7.99 and available at Rite Aid and CVS. The application was very quick and simple. I spent about 5 minutes picking out the right size nails for my nails and then cleaned my nails with a sanitation wipe that came in the package. Then I slowly peeled off the sticker from the nails and applied them to my nails and then I was set.


I loved how real the nails looked for $8! Major steal and amazing comfort. I applied my nails this past Friday and removed them Monday night because I mainly wanted to see if the nails would work. It wasn’t a waste of money because one of my nails came off twice! So I threw it away and applied a new nail in it’s place and that one didn’t stay either, but that’s probably because I had just washed my hands and applied it. It came off due to excess water and then after having them on for 3 days and seeing they were fun and cool I wanted my regular nails back on. A few of my other nails were starting to get loose so these aren’t meant to last a month I would say 2 weeks at most. The 2 week period would also mean not doing chores and working with your hands often. I think 5 days would be about average. I still have enough nails to apply another set and enjoy them for a second time. I loved having them on and getting compliments.


Removal was easy for me because most of my nails were already starting to become loose after washing dishes and doing chores around my home besides working. I had to pull them off which wasn’t hard but not as pleasant as it would’ve been if I had waited a few more days and left them on. I decided to take them off because 3 of them were starting to become loose. One of them specifically fell off and that was because the glue wasn’t as sticky anymore. However after removing them my nails were in perfect condition. No harm was done and my cuticles weren’t scratched or damaged compared to how cuticles get after having acrylics removed. I had enough nails to replace my set again so I will apply them again soon and have a fun week. I just wanted to feel my real nails already so I took them off. I really just wanted to try them out and see if they worked and then use them again in the future.

Final Thoughts

I would buy these nails again and the next time that I do I won’t wash dishes and touch water as often so the glue stays on my nails. I would recommend using these nail sets for events and relaxing days where you just want to pamper yourself. I plan on using another one of these nail sets for my graduation unless I end up going to the nail salon to get them done professionally. The nails felt secure, and I definitely recommend them. I think one of the biggest reasons mine happened to get loose was because I was doing dishes, cleaning and working. Typing with the nails on was easy and not annoying like it is with actual acrylics. My nails were short and thin so it was super easy to type and do things. The nails didn’t feel heavy or uncomfortable, but after sleeping with them on for 3 days they did start to feel different but I don’t know if that’s because my nails were already loosening up.

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  1. This was a fun and original review. I’ve never seen a review on these manicure sets. I think the style is adorable and would definitely try them for the price and convenience. Thanks you for explaining the down side – that they dont last long. This sets realistic expectations and helps buyers like me make educated decisions! Thank you. The style is SUPER cute too.

    1. Awww thank you so much! I plan on doing more reviews soon! I really liked the style, too bad they didn’t last long.

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