My Movie Pass Experience

My Movie Pass Experience

I’ve had Movie Pass since February, and I was thinking about cancelling it this month after the company announced changes. I haven’t cancelled my membership yet, but if I do I’ll update you guys.

Movie Pass is a subscription for people who go to the movies often like myself. The subscription originally costs $49.99 a month and you get to watch one movie a day at any time and all you have to do is pick the movie on your movie pass app. Back in February 2018, earlier this year MoviePass had a sale and dropped their prices to $9.99 a month and they made it more affordable for people to go to movies.

My Experience From February-April

My personal experience with movie pass has been pretty good. I received my card within 5 days like my letter in the mail said it would. My card worked fine and everything with the app worked well. I didn’t experience any problems or glitches with anything. The first month I watched 4 movies. The second month I watched 3 movies and the third month I watched 3 movies. The movie pass was very easy and affordable to use. I liked how convenient it was. I actually learned about MoviePass from my boyfriend. He’s the one that told me all about it and we bought our passes together.

Recent Subscription Changes

Recently, like back in May MoviePass added a feature where you now have to take a picture of your ticket stub after you purchase it so you can verify to the MoviePass company that you aren’t being overcharged. I think the feature was also added to make sure people were attending the movies for the tickets they purchased. I didn’t have any problems with any of the updates.

Last week MoviePass announced that customers would no longer be able to see top box office movies such as Mission Impossible 3 and Christopher Robin. Another change they announced last week is the available movie times change day to day, so I can’t go whenever I want anymore it’s only certain times.

My Experience After these Recent Changes were Announced

It was difficult to go and watch a movie once the movie time availabilities changed because the movie times weren’t consistent throughout the day.Well I experienced that first hand because I kept promising my little brother I would take him to see Antman and the Wasp, and we tried going twice. The two times we went to the actual theatre because on the app it showed me that the night time showings were available however when I was actually about to drive to the theatre the time I wanted to go 7:10pm wasn’t available because of the limited times. For the third day we actually went to a morning showing since we didn’t want to get weaseled out of watching the movie again. Thankfully that new update has been removed so that’s great news.

Overall Thoughts

I’m hoping MoviePass doesn’t make massive changes again in the near distant future. I like using the app and the price is great. Even though the company is constantly undergoing changes I’m still happy with paying $10 a month for watching more than 2 movies. I’ll probably cancel my membership in a few months because I don’t like the uncertainty with it all. For now though my experience has been pretty good.

4 Replies to “My Movie Pass Experience”

    1. Dang hopefully more services become more available all over the world! I know similar companies have plans of coming out with the same product just different terms. Hopefully soon then you can take your 4 year old to the movies with one of them. I know locally for me I go to a lot of community events check out your local library they might have cool events for your 4 year old!

  1. We don’t have movie pass here unfortunately. Looks like it’s changed a bit from when it started, that kind of sucks. Never figured out how that business model would make money though.

    1. Apparently they tried to make money with theaters off their concessions but most theaters didn’t agree. Only a few theaters, actually have a contract with them giving them a percentage of the profits from concessions. I did ask them through the app, and they replied to me with “don’t worry Deanna we’re fine, we use information for “data mining”. It’s still kind of sketchy to me, but I haven’t heard much about the AMC pass yet. So until I hear of good reviews then I’ll switch to a different service.

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