Summer Recap 2K18

Summer Recap 2K18

The last day of my summer was this past Sunday, so I thought I’d share how my summer went, with you guys. I had a pretty good summer, a little more stressful than I anticipated but pretty fun and definitely one I’ll remember in the future for sure!

My on campus job ended in the first week of May, because I found a full-time job. I’ve been working 40 hours each week all summer. My events have happened on the weekends and I’ve barely had enough time to enjoy summer. I was grateful for this job although I had wanted to do more fun things in the summer. It supported me through summer and that was more than enough for me. I received praise more often and it seemed like a great position.

Celebrating my 2 year anniversary was everything I looked forward to the whole year. My relationship means a great deal to me and being able to celebrate it in every way I can is one of my favorite things about being in a relationship. My anniversary was great! We saw Post Malone and had a lot of fun. My boyfriend and I agreed not to get each other gifts, but we ended up getting each other gifts anyways. Lol. Making memories each year besides the presents has meant a lot to me since we’ve gone on trips for two years in a row now. The best part was sleeping after the concert and getting comfortable since the trip was long and so was the concert. You can read more about my anniversary here.

Seeing Post Malone was a fun trip! The trip was more fun than the concert because people suck and pushed my boyfriend, boyfriend’s brother and I out of the way so our view wasn’t great. Hearing the songs live was cool, but knowing my boyfriend couldn’t see shit wasn’t cool. Getting there was more fun since it was so crowded and everything was expensive. We ate at a new restaurant and we saw a different side of each other for a long distance road trip. We also got to be ourselves a little more around my boyfriend’s brother.

Going to NA LCS was an awesome experience. I got to meet the players and see games live and meet other fans which was really cool. It was nice seeing so many people come together from far locations just to bond over a game. You can read more about my experience here.

Meeting Michelle Phan was INSANITY! I’m still in disbelief that I met one of my idols this early in my life. I think it was a sign that I’ll make it in the future and I will earn and achieve what I set out to accomplish. She is a very sweet and caring person just like in her videos. I hope she starts a new project soon, but more importantly I hope she’s happy and taking care of herself. I also have another in depth blog post about meeting here.

Working and paying bills was the majority of my summer. You really don’t appreciate how easy it is to pay your bills until it becomes so difficult you’re so grateful to have more than one job. I didn’t really buy myself anything this summer, I barely bought myself some new clothes like two weeks ago. Spending money only on necessities was different, but in a good way.

Having my brothers come visit me from a weekend to a week made me incredibly happy because I don’t get to spend a lot of time with my little brothers. Every time I see them they seem so much older and I just wonder where the time goes and if I’m missing their childhood. I love hanging out with them individually and together especially together because I think we have the best conversations since our ages are so far off. (7,16,22) I loved cooking and hanging out with my brothers. I loved their presence it made me 100 times happier than just coming home to an empty house besides my boyfriend. It was different having kids with us for a while, but a good different. They brought so much more energy into our lives and I loved every second of it.

Going on a cleaning spree was one of the highlights of my summer because as I got accustomed to not being home I wanted to come home to a clean home every single day. When I came home after work I would change my clothes, make dinner, and then start doing chores to tidy up my apartment. I take pride in having a clean home, like it’s super important to me especially now that I have to dedicate more time to it keep my home in the condition I like. I make sure laundry is done, dishes are washed, stuff is put away and trash is taken out.

Rearranging my apartment has been pretty fun this summer because we’ve gotten a few new things and then we returned them. I love reorganizing and I think that’s where my obsession with cleaning began because I love coming home and seeing everything neat and tidy. It’s a very accomplished feeling and I love knowing that at least my home is clean because while I’m at work I’m telling myself “this will get your bills paid and you get to continue living how you want in your lifestyle” My current lifestyle being a college student working her ass off to be independent and to grow as a person.

Dieting has been one of my goals all year and I finally found motivation and discipline to keep going recently. I’ve been getting better with my eating habits by consuming less sugar. I’ve also gotten better with portion control and trying to eat less and drink more water but save room for healthy snacks if I do end up getting hungry later. My goal is to lose 10lbs by December!

How was your summer?

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