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Get Ready with me: 10 minute makeup routine

Hey, guys, I learned how to do my eyebrows! I actually learned very fast although I don’t have a spoolie to work with at the moment. This is my current favorite makeup look, very simple and clean.

I start off with foundation and then concealer because apparently, that helps more. I haven’t tried this new concealer I bought yet though, but when I do I’ll share a new makeup look. I’m currently using more foundation just a tad more so I can finish the bottle and try something else.


Then I use concealer just under my eyes and blend that in. I then move on to my eyebrows by gently filling them in with my Anastasia pencil and try to make each eyebrow look alike.


I follow that with applying blush and then my liquid highlighter on my cheeks and cheekbones.



The last step to my makeup routine is my applying my new favorite lipstick and I blot! Unfortunately, this lipstick is two years or so old, but the pigment is so good that I haven’t tossed it. So you might not be able to find it in this exact packaging anymore, but the shade might still be available. It screams summer to me which is why it’s currently my favorite lip shade. It’s not the best when it comes to staying on all day, but it does stain your lips which is nice and I only paid 97 cents for it so it was a good bargain!

TADA Finished Look!

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