Lemon Acuarelas By: Cheyenne Raine

First off I’d like to thank Cheyenne Raine for allowing me to read her book and post a review. I’ve had a lot of fun doing so, thank you so much this was a COOL experience! I’ve always wanted to work with an author as an aspiring author myself so this has been awesome!

I’d like to mention I’m not a huge fan of poems. Of course, I love poems, reading them and writing them but when reading I don’t look for poem books unless they catch my eye. I read this book and wasn’t let down at all. I loved that each poem told it’s own story, but as a whole, they all connected like a jigsaw puzzle of specific times in the author’s life. I read this book in less than an hour. I did take a little longer than I usually do because I did take time to reread the poems to make sure I understood the meaning behind each one. I also took the time to write down the ones that really resonated with me.

About the Author

The author is Cheyenne Raine who was born in Boerne, Texas but now she resides in San Antonio, Texas. She is a Latina author who also has a¬†blog which you should check out! She has spoken out about being a survivor of sexual abuse at the Rape Crisis Center in San Antonio, Texas. So let’s take a moment to recognize how difficult that must be and for her to still continue to help others by bringing awareness.

Background on the Book

This is the third in Raine’s series her previous books are Maroon Daydreams and Charcoal Thunderstorms.¬†Personally, I haven’t read these two books, but I will say I wouldn’t doubt they’re amazing since this particular book was so awesome. For me, I believe if I like one thing there’s ought to be at least one thing I’ll like about the next book. I am also not your average person I’ve read books in the wrong sequence which I know would irritate the hell out of some people. LOL, What can I say I’m not afraid of spoilers?

Onto to the review…


The book has a lovely lemon on it and it made me think of old school drawings and just older times like the ’80s for some reason. I love the meaning of the cover and how it pulls you into the author’s life bit by bit.


I absolutely loved the style the book was written in, and the fact that it’s in two languages is awesome! The book is written in English and Spanish. Being two ethnicities I love seeing people embrace the cultures they grew up with because I can relate.


The book has 4 sections and my favorite was LOVE, because how could it not be? LOL (If you know me personally you know exactly what I mean). While reading the book I thought it was a very breezy book to read especially when you need to take time for yourself for self-care. When reading this book it’ll bring certain people to mind because you just connect with the words so deeply to people in your life immediately come to mind. I already have a list of friends I’ll be told to read this book. I won’t reveal the remaining 3 sections because the book isn’t released yet, and I don’t want to give away any spoilers. However, I will say I’m a fan of the book overall.

My Favorite Poems

While reading the book these are the poems I wrote down because they made me think of someone in my life. Besides having people come to mind so instantly some of the poems made me think of my own life and how I can relate to the author’s experiences. Look out for these specific poems in the book:

in two lands, and two seas

in hollow thoughts


when you leave

I do not leave

are you in love

eyes wide open

Q & A with the Author Herself

What’s your favorite poem in the book?

My favorite poem would have to be “Bathing at Dawn” because it is the softest and simplest of events, it feels like wrapping up in freshly dried cotton sheets.

Favorite section in the book?

I don’t have a favorite-they’re all so unique and warm- I love them all!

What inspired you that you think readers would not know?

Well, since I included the “behind the words” sections, I think readers will be able to tell that I was very inspired by my family and friends- I actually worked closely with them to make sure I got it right and perfect!

Any advice for aspiring authors like myself?

My only advice is to write and keep at it. Don’t write for an audience, write for yourself. The audience wants your work for because it is your voice. Not a generalized voice that can be found anywhere. Write from your heart, even if it’s a fictional novel, write truths and characters that are true to you and your life and your experiences. Be vulnerable and honest with yourself and your work. The rest will follow. Write, write, write.



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