Tips for living on your Own

I have been on my own for about two years now. I mean I live with my boyfriend, but we do split costs down the middle equally or as equal as we can when situations arise. I also consider being on my own with roommates alone because I was the only one paying for my own stuff and taking care of my well being. I was working part time and going to school and paying for all of my necessities that wasn’t covered.

Here’s a list of things I wish we knew before living on my own. All of these will help you stay organized and make your experience much easier!

Work as much as you can when you can so you don’t regret missing work. Sounds crazy, but once you take a day off, you’ll think of how you could’ve worked and made almost $100 in a day and what you could be doing with that money.

Start saving money at every single chance you get. Think about what that money could be used for. For instance gas for your car, future trips, having nice holidays. Start thinking of a minimum goal of how to save money each week and keep a record of how much you’ve been saving. My goal is currently a few hundred dollars and to have it by the end of the year. I’m not gonna lie I’m struggling a little bit right now, but I have faith I’ll make my goal.

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Keep a record of your expenses for the month and how often you need to buy things for a record. This is a great record to keep to manage your money and how you pay your bills.¬†Organize your receipts and keep a record of the bills you’ve paid.

Renter’s insurance will protect you in case you are ever a victim of theft, fire or an unexpected accident. This also helps protect your car in case theft occurs at your home. It’s very affordable as low as $15 a month and up to $200 a year maximum in the California. I highly recommend you buy it because it’s better to pay a little bit each month to have that security than to be worried constantly.

Health Insurance. Make sure you have health insurance and start saving up so you can have a policy when you need one. I still have some time to start saving, but it’s never to early to prepare. There are so many things to think about when it comes to your own individual future because you never know what could happen.

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These are my tips to help you get started with being on your own. Congratulations you are an adult and you will be making yourself super proud in no time!



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