Skin Preparation – Fall Edition

Skin Preparation – Fall Edition

By: Diane Wills 

With the turn of every season, we always have to go through certain adjustments. The transition from summer to fall affects the skin in various ways, and those of us with the need to take extra special care of it will probably want to be better prepared for what the new season is bringing. Here are a few ways to maintain your skin’s glow, even during the colder months.

Use sunscreen

First of all, just because summer’s almost gone, it doesn’t mean that the harmful effects of sun rays and excessive exposure to sunlight immediately stop – they don’t. It’s recommended to use a high-quality broad-spectrum sunscreen with higher SPF throughout the whole year. Don’t be lazy with reapplication, and don’t think that wearing SPF on your skin means that you can spend long periods of time exposed to sun rays. It just means your skin will have a higher level of protection from UVB rays.

Rely on good skincare products

The summer-fall transition also means that you need to become better friends with moisturizers and body lotions. Your skin can get somewhat dull and dry after being exposed to a lot of sunlight and heat during the summer months, and that is why it’s important to make up for that loss of hydration and moisturize it regularly. Also, don’t focus solely on the face, but nourish the skin all over your body.

Don’t skip exfoliation

One thing people picture when they think of post-summer skin is getting rid of all the dead skin cells. Get yourself a good exfoliating product and introduce a routine—exfoliate twice a week, always in the evening. You can achieve good results by using an exfoliating brush, cloth, or gloves. You don’t want to forget to scrub your lips either, and for this, you can use an exfoliating lipstick. Not only will all this help you get rid of dry patches, but it will also unclog your pores and help you keep your skin fresh and clean. Another way to do this is to seek the help of a professional who can perform an exfoliation procedure such as microdermabrasion, which will further increase the effectiveness.

Treat yourself to a chemical peel

You exfoliate regularly, but you’re still troubled by uneven complexion and patchy skin? There’s another convenient solution for you—chemical peels. In case you’ve never had one, you should know that they are a safe way to get rid of dead skin cells even faster, as well as neutralize scars or early signs of aging. This is quite a popular procedure in Australia, where women who want to get a professional chemical peel in Perth always go only to reputable clinics. You should entrust your skin only to respected experts if you want it to look and feel its best.

Mind your skin condition

Seasonal changes can also affect certain pre-existing skin conditions. It’s not a rare occurrence for those who have problems with acne to start getting more frequent breakouts when summer starts fading away. That’s why you need to invest more effort into prevention, so pay even more attention to maintaining regular hygiene, getting your beauty sleep every night, improving your nutrition, and applying the necessary products.

Visit a dermatologist

Summer can be really rough for the skin and it can cause considerable damage to it. That’s why you need to check carefully for anything out of the ordinary, and if you do notice changes on your skin (particularly with your moles), don’t hesitate to schedule an appointment with a dermatologist.

You know your skin best, which is why you’ll know what kind of treatment will be best suited for it. Read and look for more effective and harmless ways of maintaining its health and beauty.

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