How to Manage Your Time

Whether you’re a student trying to manage your workload, working part-time, and blogging or working full-time and blogging we are all trying to manage our time efficiently. I am currently working part-time and taking 5 classes finishing up my last semester and blogging. I’ve been doing this since last summer and I’ve come up with a nice system so I thought I would share my tips.

Get a planner.

Buy a planner or a calendar and start mapping out your life what you’re doing and where you can make time to blog and to work on other projects that make you happy. Fit in work out times, and days to relax during the week.

Stick to your schedule.

Sticking to a schedule can be difficult I know, but whenever you’re feeling unmotivated just think of how you’ll be able to say you accomplished that task in the end.

Taking a break.

Breaks are needed from time to time and it’s better to take them often to prevent from getting burnt out. Make sure to take care of yourself by drinking water, exercising, sleeping enough, and eating enough. Do not forget to do any of these, if you’re already slacking in one of these start making a list and finding a way to measure it all. Set alarms if you have to, so you can make sure you are taking care of yourself first.

Take things slow.

Don’t rush anything in your life, it’ll be there tomorrow for the most part. Will you be there tomorrow? is the real question. If you don’t slow down from time to time how are you going to enjoy everything you want to. Instead you’ll be stressed and worried all the time. Go out once in a while when you get the chance and unwind in a different way. Find a new hobby and make time to do something fun you enjoy like reading, window shopping, making crafts, watching tv or movies, and hanging out with friends.

How do you manage your time?

What tip did you find to be most helpful?

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