Happy First Day of October

Happy First Day of October

Happy first day of October, which happens to be my favorite month of the year! My birthday is in 4 days and I love Halloween. It was the best holiday as child and I still love everything about it, dressing up, handing out candy and the magic that comes with fall. I am beyond excited to blog everyday and share more of my life with you guys!

This will be the first time I do Blogtober which I had never heard about, but thankfully I’m a part of the blogging community now and I learned of blogtober. I will be sharing autumn makeup looks, holiday activities, autumn look books and so many other things.

To start off October here is a list of holiday inspired activities:

  1. Buy a pumpkin to decorate any way you’d like
  2. Go out and start buying decorations for Halloween
  3. Pick out a costume
  4. Drink Fall/Autumn inspired drinks like the infamous Pumpkin Spice Latte
  5. Switch out the clothes in your closet and get all your autumn and winter clothes ready
  6. DIY decorations for your home and bedroom
  7. Carve a pumpkin
  8. Eat pumpkin pie because it’s October and you can now!!!
  9. Declutter your bedroom and home to get ready for the holidays
  10. Buy candy to hand out for Halloween before it’s all gone
  11. Take holiday themed pictures with DIY props or by going to a kiosk
  12. Bring out your blankets because winter is around the corner
  13. Start buy fall makeup products like dark lipsticks
  14. Buy candles or start lighting candles to help get in the holiday spirit
  15. Upgrade your style by adding scarves, leggings, tights, jackets, boots
  16. Start saving money for holiday outfits and gifts
  17. Spend time with family preparing for the holiday
  18. Go watch new scary movies
  19. Go through a maze
  20. Wear fuzzy socks
  21. Look for sales on summer clothing to save money for next summer’s wardrobe
  22. Find new books to read since it’ll be the perfect weather to get cozy with a book
  23. Save canned food to donate to the homeless shelter or places collecting
  24. Volunteer at a homeless shelter or community place in your town like a library
  25. Stay on top of work and school don’t let the holidays help you procrastinate
  26. Listen to holiday music (We did the mash…the monster mash)
  27. Enjoy Halloween themed treats like cookies and sweets
  28. Change your decorations and start planning DIY’s for the upcoming months
  29. Practice a healthy self-care routine
  30. Make some plans with friends to do something like picking pumpkins or going to a fair
  31. Celebrate Halloween by doing whatever you want!

How do you celebrate Halloween? What is your favorite thing to do in October?

What are you looking forward to the most?

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