Favorite Halloween Movies

Halloween is 28 days away and I wanted to share my favorite Halloween movies with you guys!

The Little Vampire

I was so obsessed with this movie as a kid. I remember I took it with me to Thailand so I could watch it since it would only be available in Thai, if I found it in Thailand. I loved it that much at 5 years old. I don’t remember all the reasons, but I know that one of them was because of the actor who was also in Stuart Little. My obsession might have been with vampires at the time. I remember being obsessed and just fascinated with vampires. I would tell my dad when brushing my teeth that I have vampire teeth. LMAO To this day, people tell me I have vampire teeth. LOL

Hocus Pocus

This movie is such a classic. I loved watching it as a kid and when my brother was younger I showed it to him and now our youngest brother has watched it as well. I love bonding with my brothers over my childhood experiences and this is one of them. They both like the movie, so now as a Halloween ritual when we spend the holiday together.


This movie just takes me back to my childhood and going to sleepovers. My friends loved watching this movie. We would always choose the character we were and then act like them for the remainder of the movie. The ending used to creep me out. I’m still a fan of this movie because I loved watching Sister Sister with my friends as well.

Charlie Brown

Not having cable growing up, I would watch classic cartoons during the holiday seasons since they came on tv and I enjoyed them. Charlie Brown was one of the classic cartoons that is shown every year for Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas. I know all of the holiday episodes and it just takes me back to my childhood when I watched each episode for the first time.

Have you watched any of these movies (Holiday specials for some cases)?

What is your favorite Halloween movie?

Which one of these movies did you like the most?

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