My Birthday

My Birthday

October 5 is my birthday and I had the best birthday this year! I woke up pretty energized after being sick and feeling super weak this past week. I tried wearing this dress that I love, but it wasn’t working out and I wanted to be more comfortable since I was just going to work anyways.

So I decided to wear light blue jeggings, wedges, a cute top, with a blazer and my purse to pull it all together. I didn’t put any makeup on, since I didn’t feel the need to and haven’t felt the need to wear makeup this past month. As much as I love doing my makeup I’ve really loved touching my bare face and having it bare everyday. I think as I’m getting older I’m slowly starting to appreciate how I look naturally and I’m starting to love my face for what it looks it like. I stopped thinking that I need makeup to “look” better although I usually wear makeup for myself. I’m more self accepting of everything now…well I’m slowly starting to become self accepting.

My boyfriend wished me a happy birthday at midnight and I loved every second of it because, he was the first one to wish me a happy birthday. He’s been nothing short of amazing, but he’s always been pretty amazing.

I finished getting ready and then went to work. After being at work for an hour maybe, someone came through my office door and right behind them was my boyfriend holding a bouquet of flowers in a vase filled with water. He was so sweet to come by my office and I thanked him and I loved the flowers. They’re beautiful and the colors are definitely my favorite. He said he spent 10 minutes trying to decide which flowers to get me and he was telling me each thought he had about each bouquet. If that’s not love, I don’t know what is.

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After work, my boyfriend and I drove an hour to pick up my little brother because he’s spending the weekend with us for my birthday. We went to town and hung out for a little bit and then picked up my brother. After that we headed to a restaurant my mom works at to pick up food she ordered for me as a gift for my birthday. I haven’t eaten Thai food since May because I’ve been working non stop especially now that I’m finishing up my last semester. I haven’t gone home nor have I spent the money to really eat out at Thai restaurants here because its really pricey.

After greeting all of my mom’s coworkers and asking what kind of food she ordered I gathered everything and took it to the car. We were headed back to my workplace so I could pick up something. I picked it up and we finally went back home to my apartment. We unloaded everything and set our plates with the food my mom bought. My little brother asked for cereal, which is normal since he does eat Thai food every single day. (Luck little boy).

After that I made sure my brother was comfortable and I went to take a nap because I was exhausted. Then we got ready to go to our first hockey game!!! A few weeks ago my boyfriend wanted me to call a radio station and ask them a financial question which they advised me on, it was really for him but for whatever reason he wanted me to call. So I did and after they answered my question (it was really my boyfriend’s question) they said to “Stay on the line, we’re going to give you free hockey tickets to the first game of this season for October 5th!” and I replied with “Oh my god that’s my birthday thank you!” so I stayed on the line and they took my contact information and we picked up the tickets later that day.

Fast forward to the hockey game it was pretty fun! We all had a great experience, we waited in line for 10 minutes maybe it didn’t feel longer than that. The line to get in let everyone in quickly despite there being a metal detector and security. We found our seats which were on the second level which was awesome because we had a great view of everything in the stadium. My brother said he wanted some water and I needed to  use the restroom so we left during intermission to go to the restroom and get an overpriced bottle of water. Before we headed to the restroom I asked my brother if he wanted anything to eat and he said a pretzel. So the little monkey got a pretzel and the three of us shared the water and the pretzel.

We stayed for half the game, because there was a League of Legends match that started at 9pm. Our team was killing the game anyways and I still had to get up early the next day for work. We went to Starbucks so I could get a free item since I received a coupon on my Starbucks app. Then we went home and showered until the 3rd game for League of Legends World Championships. We then got ready and went to Denny’s so I could get my free grand slam which I shared with my brother and he loved Denny’s. He’s never really been to a restaurant where you have to sit down and eat and be polite. So that was quite an experience to have with him to actually eat in the restaurant. (He’s a picky eater) He was very well behaved and he loved his meal. We shared my meal and he devoured almost everything. We went home after and he fell fast asleep. Then I went to sleep. Overall it was a great day!

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