Lessons From My Past Jobs

I am at a pretty stable job now and one I’m very fond of and I just started to realize what each of my past jobs has taught me. I’ve been thinking about it quite a bit recently because my job is fairly new. I’ve had 6 jobs prior to my current. A very wise person told me that each job is meant to be a stepping stone to help build you up until you reach the top which one which is your career.

It blows my mind that I’ve had 6 jobs already, and those are all real paying jobs. That doesn’t even include my internships and volunteer experiences. I’ve had way more jobs than 6 in my lifetime already.

  1. Bosses should value you and ask you to do things instead of telling you. They should be working with you and be trying to help you succeed rather than boss you around all the time. They are supposed to be a part of your journey and they should be guiding you in the right direction. If your boss isn’t always the nicest and doesn’t value your work then maybe you should evaluate your work or your current field.
  2. It shouldn’t take you too long to find another job once you leave a job. If you have past experiences then you should be able to find one within a cinch! I’d say a month maximum should be the longest you’re without a job!
  3. The hardest job you’ll have trouble getting is your first job. Once you have that in your back pocket you just have to study for your interview so you can advance to your next position.
  4. Always be on the lookout for experiences and hobbies that’ll be valuable for your career. This blog has definitely helped me with mine. It’s a great hobby to bring up and shows how much work and effort I put into what I’m applying from school.
  5. Stay in touch with coworkers that you like because you never know if you could help them advance and vice versa.
  6. Make a Linkedin and take advantage of all the information you’re putting on there.
  7. Look for ways to advance yourself in your field. If you’re not qualified for the job find something to make you qualified.

Hope you enjoyed this post! It was fun to talk about a new topic and to share some of my insight. Please share your experiences and advice, I’d love to hear them!!!

9 thoughts on “Lessons From My Past Jobs

    1. No sweat, sometimes it can be hard. From my own personal experience it hasn’t taken me more than a month. I’m also pretty open to positions most people aren’t. As long as you like it and you’re treated well, that’s all that matters! 😊

  1. You make some excellent points here. I really liked the first one about your boss asking rather than telling. It’s a way more positive environment to be in and I’m fortunate enough to be in a role that works in that manner. Thanks!

  2. I definitely found LinkedIn to be valuable when I was career oriented. As a SAHM, it’s not something I have anymore, but if I ever want to get back in the game I will use it again.
    Nice post! It’s always good to stop now and then and reflect on what life is trying to teach us along our path.

    1. Thank you! What’s SAHM? I never really utilized LinkedIn in the past, but I’ve found it really useful for this point of my life with networking and finding jobs for after college.

  3. I completely agree with the fact that your bosses should value you. I get on really well with the boss I have at the moment and it has made this job a pleasure to work at. However, in the past I have had horrible bosses which has made me hate the job.

    1. Agreed! People don’t hate the job, they hate their boss. It’s a fact. Glad you have a good relationship with your boss.

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