Self-Care Routine: Winter Edition

Self-Care Routine: Winter Edition

The first day of winter is in a few weeks, but I’m just going to share my new self-care routine now that the weather has changed. I try to take a break and allow myself a decent amount of time to relax one day a week and these are the things I’ve been doing and LOVING!

Bath bombs- I love bath bombs, they’re so calming and relaxing. One of my best friends bought me a glitter bath bomb as a birthday present because she knew I needed to relax. Thank you Rayann, you’re the best! I would not have bought myself a glitter one lol it’s something I didn’t know I needed. It’s such a nice way to be in your thoughts, but not in your thoughts at the same time.

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Bubble baths- After enjoying my bath bomb, I like adding bubbles to my bath so I can pretend I’m a child again. Then I go onto playing with bubbles, and enjoying the scenery of it all. Also it’s a great way to feel bougie and like you’re a princess which we all are. 🙂

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Cooking and Baking- I love doing both, I find it super accomplishing and as a reward once I see the final product. I love trying new recipes and eating them of course. I especially love cooking for my boyfriend and WITH my boyfriend. It’s very fun and I love spending time with him in that way. I’ve always baked with my brothers since I wanted to spend time with them in a different way. Also we love eating sweets, so making our sweets and desserts was half the fun!

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Going Out- We all have to go out every now and then it’s good for us. It’s great to have a change of scenery and to try something new. Going to a new place like a restaurant or cafe is always a great option. Going to the movies and having a date night is also another great option. My boyfriend and I haven’t had very many date nights in the past two months due to family events. We recently started going out on Friday nights again and I’m loving it! I love having the one on one time with him especially since we have Brody now. Make plans with your friends too, you have to catch up and make new memories whether that mean you reaching out to them because everyone is so busy they forget to reach out.

TV Time- I make time to watch shows with my boyfriend during the week. We both have our own shows that we watch on our own. I usually spend about an hour watching the latest episodes of my favorite shows on Hulu or Netflix, but I’ll definitely start binging once I’m done with finals next Friday! I like getting caught up with the characters in the show and their lives and connecting it to mine. I am LOVING This is Us right now, if you haven’t watched you NEED to watch it!

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Shopping- I love love love shopping, but even now I’m on a budget. So window shopping is still fun and shopping on a budget still works the same way as regular shopping does. The last two things I bought for myself were hair care products. It was nice going out and buying something for myself. It felt really good treating myself to buying a hair mask and a hair oil. Sometimes it’s just good to see what’s out there that I might need in the future.

Creating- I have so many crafting materials that I need to use so I can finish setting up my bedroom. I have all of these lights, frames, decorating pieces and a glue gun. I just have not had the time. By the end of December I guarantee you guys my bedroom will be fully decorated with a bunch of DIY stuff that I’ll share with you.

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Books-  I actually made some time to read this past weekend. I read two books on dogs and how to care for them. I plan on doing lots of reading so I’m well prepared for Brody. Other than that I also plan on buying more books and going thrifting for some. I’m still in the process of reading the Crazy Rich Asians series, but I’ve been so busy with school I haven’t had time. I’ll start reading my books again this week because this is my last difficult week of school. Next week is my last week and it’ll be my easiest!

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Playing with Brody- As I mentioned in my last post I have a puppy now! We’ve had him for one month as December 3rd.  He’s gotten really close to me and I love him so much, but I don’t have the patience sometimes. LOL It’s a learning process, but anyways I love playing with him and holding him and being with him. He makes me feel a lot better. I love that our bond is growing, it’s been a great experience so far since I’ve never had a pet dog.


Doing my nails- This is a very theraputic activity for me and always has been. I love painting my nails. It’s relaxing and allows me to focus on myself, but in a different light. It’s a nice way to get out of my head. Painting my nails has always helped me when I’m feeling sad.

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What does your winter self-care routine consist of?


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