Holiday Gift Guide: For your the girl in your life Blogmas Day 4

Blogmas day 4 is here and here I am with gifts under $50 for your girlfriend, sister, mom, friend and so on. These are all really nice gifts that I would love to receive myself, I think they’re great because they have a little bit of sentiment with them. It shows a little bit of love along with the materialistic item.

Here we go:

    1.  Locket with a tiny picture inside of you and her or her and whoever she spends a lot of time with. Or you could print out a few pictures and give her a little case so she can switch out the pictures on her own!
    2. Necklace with her name on it, you can find it here. It’d be great to write something you call her personally to show more sentiment.
    3. Personalized blanket with a picture she loves on it. She’ll love this because she’ll think of you all winter every single time she uses this. I actually bought one for my boyfriend’s mom and although it’s a little pricey I believe just at $50 if not $55 with shipping, it’s worth every penny. The quality of the blanket is great, it’s super soft and perfect to cuddle up on a couch with or in bed with. The picture looks amazing on it and the material is great and long lasting!
    4. Mugs with a picture on it. This is more for the coffee drinker in your life or tea drinker. More of a practical gift but they’ll definitely love using the cup with a picture of you and them on it!
    5. Pajamas complete with fuzzy socks! No girl can resist fuzzy socks whether she admits it or not at one point or another we all wear them and enjoy it even if it’s secretly. Pajamas are the cherry on top, because every girl including myself never wants to get out of her pajamas.
    6. Laptop case. Whether she has a Mac or a PC a laptop case does come in handy. I would recommend buying them off Amazon since there’s more variety.Mac laptop case918cHEixUUL._SL1430_7. Makeup bag with a new set of brushes. Don’t worry it’s not expensive and the quality is absolutely fab! I highly recommend the brand BH Cosmetics, because their brushes are Eco friendly, cruelty free and made out of bamboo!21479a1f7c9191e8383adf43b5f646cf_0c73200a-c6e9-40a7-8a75-7ab3e2b31b1c_1400x14008. Stationary is always a necessity. We need notes and love super cute ones, find matching pens and pencils and you are set. I would recommend getting them at Dollar Tree or Target has very seasonal and themed ones as well!pink and white books

I hope you enjoyed this holiday gift guide! Let me know if any of these ideas helped and if you’ll be using any of these ideas. Happy shopping!

Good luck to finding the perfect gifts for the women in your life!


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