Struggles of Dating a Gamer Blogmas Day 6

Struggles of Dating a Gamer Blogmas Day 6

Are you dating a gamer or are you the gamer? Well let’s see how many of these are more relatable to you? I’ve been dating a gamer for a while now, so I know the drill. Lol.

  1. When a new game comes out, you have officially lost your partner. They become consumed by the game and only focus on the game instead of spending some time with you. Example: Fortnite, when it was first released. Red Dead Redemption is the newest game to have this effect.
  2. When you want to watch tv or go out or do something together, but your partner has just started a game so you have to wait until they’re finished.
  3. There’s no 2 player games and they’re too far ahead to play with you unless they start over. Or they really want to bond with you so they take the time to play games with you and teach you.
  4. Your partner is always playing with strangers or their friends so there’s hardly ever any room for you when you try to play.
  5. You can’t surprise them by buying them games, because they’ve already pre-ordered or bought it before you even had the chance.
  6. You have no idea what they’re talking about when they’re talking about how they defeated something or the new moves they learned.
  7. You have to listen to the youtubers they watch who play the same games to only hear stuff you don’t understand.
  8. Having to listen to your significant other go on and on to their friends about games and understanding nothing about it, but you continue to support it because they love it.

How many of these can you relate to? What games do you or your partner play?

Mine plays League of Legends, Fortnite, Star Wars on PS4, and Kingdom of Hearts.

Pretty soon though, he’ll be playing Red Dead Redemption.

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