Holiday Gift Guide: For the Dog in your life! Blogmas Day 7

Hello, we still have 17 days until Christmas, but we need to get to shopping for our babies or the best friend in your life. I recently got a puppy and we have spoiled him to the absolute max already and we’ve only had him for one month! LOL His life with us will be nothing, but a dream.


Heater bed for dogs

Here’s one I found at Wal-Mart, I couldn’t find the original one where I originally learned of this dog heater bed. The original post I saw was on Facebook, so you might see it as an ad or something. There’s many variations of this bed, most of them just involve buying a heating pad that is dog safe I guess? I don’t really know the difference between the heaters for dogs and our heaters besides the name. The one I linked, has the difference of being waterproof for pets making it safer. I definitely want to buy this for Brody once I have the money. Regardless I thought it was a great way to spoil my Brody. The heater bed I saw was an actual bed that had a built-in heater with no wires in sight. I just wanted to let you guys know in case you end up finding it.

Dog toys

You can’t go wrong with dog toys, to save money you can wait until themed toys are on clearance or hit your clearance stores now. I recently bought five dog toys at Dollar Tree for Brody and it came out to $5 which saved me some money since my little baby is aggressive and I know he’ll tear up these toys in time. Plus toys can be expensive. I personally love themed toys and Brody seems to enjoy them as well. When we first bought dog toys we bought them at PetCo where they had a Halloween sale, but I was able to get some Christmas themed toys for $2.50 due to a sale they had making all the toys 2 for $5 which wasn’t bad for the size and quality of the toys.


How fun is it to dress up your baby? So much fun, I enjoy it a lot and appreciate that Brody keeps his clothes on! We recently bought him three outfits at PetSmart and they were pricey, BUT since he’s a puppy we know they’ll last a while and it was worth the money in the end. Although he’s an inside dog when we visit family he spends a significant amount of time outside which is where the outfits come in handy because they keep him warm and cute at the same time. Here are some outfits I found at Target that I am loving.

Matching Outfits

I haven’t bought any yet, because they were all sold out during Black Friday, however I plan to buy some very soon! How can you not buy matching outfits?!?!?!?!?!!! Especially during the holiday season I’m just thinking of all the picture opportunities that come along with having matching outfits and I’m screaming inside!! Here are some outfits that I thought were cute and plan on buying in the near future.

Themed Doggie Bed

How cool is this bed? I don’t know what’s it for, but I immediately thought of Brody when I saw it because why wouldn’t I? I honestly love that Brody is so small right now so I can get away with buying all these cute little beds and accessories for him and he’ll be able to enjoy them for a long period of time. I saw this on Wish, and would totally buy it although I am hoping to find it on another reliable website since I don’t really trust Wish having never used it.

Doggie Treats

I plan on making some doggie treats after doing some research, but in the mean time I’ve seen themed holiday doggie treats and I am definitely buying some for Brody. He deserves to have some good treats this holiday season too. Why not buy some for your baby at home? I couldn’t really find any to link on here, but if you go to your local Target there is a holiday treat section within the pet section and there’s plenty of themed yummy looking treats for your best friend!

That concludes this post, let me know if you plan on getting something I didn’t mention so I can add it to my list!!! What gift idea did you like the most?


  • Rachel

    Omg Brody is too cute! It’s funny you share this on my tweet because I posted a guide for dogs too just on Friday! What’s cooler is ours are totally different! I like the matching outfits. We’ve been struggling to find some for Christmas cards and it looks like it’s just not happening. I make dog treats alot! I actually mention a few in my gift guide. I have a link there for my most used recipe and will likely post some of my own. So happy Brody will get to spend the holidays, and his life, with a family that loves him!

    Cheers xx

    Rachel |

    • DeannaSStilwell

      Aww thank you so much Rachel I’ll definitely check yours out! I’m so excited to read it. I’m obsessed with Brody and would love to make him some treats! That’s too bad you can’t find matching outfits 😞 I’m still looking for some myself, I’ve seen them just haven’t purchased them yet.

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