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10 Things I love about being a dog owner Blogmas Day 8

That’s right you read that right, I am officially a dog owner. You might have learned that in the last post if you’re keeping up with my late blogmas posts. Lol. Well, I’ve had a puppy for a month now and I love him so much!!!!!! Last month my boyfriend surprised me with a puppy as my “early Christmas present” I was shocked! I had no idea and my boyfriend has changed my life so much in the past 2 and a half (On December 24) years we’ve been dating and now Brody, our puppy has changed my life as well.


The responsibility can be a pain at times, but he’s made me feel more emotions I’ve never felt before in the past. I love having a dog and I used to be scared of dogs like terrified. I mean I still am for the most part, but my perspective on dogs has definitely changed in the last month.

  1. He’s always following me and loves being near me. I love that wherever I go he has to be near me and he likes hearing my voice and staying close to me at all times. He makes me feel less alone, although he bites me often.
  2. Brody understands my emotions. A week or so after getting Brody I was upset about something and I started crying and to make me feel better I brought Brody to my room on my bed to make me feel better. He didn’t bite me and he just comforted me by letting me pet him. He was really sweet to me and I could tell in his eyes and by his own body language, he didn’t want me to be upset. He made me feel 100 times better and I’m so glad he’s in my life.
  3. I always have someone to cheer me up. No matter what time during the day it is, Brody will ALWAYS want to play. I love playing with him, especially when he doesn’t bite. Lol. He’s teething so I’ve had my fair share of bites lately. I like seeing him so ecstatic when he’s playing with me.
  4. He likes to cuddle with me at night and I love that about him mainly because he chooses to sleep with me instead of my boyfriend. (Yes, I’m a brat for liking that) When he sleeps in my bed he always moves when I move and he’s always trying to get closer to me and I think it’s the cutest thing!
  5. The fact that he always comes to see me when I call him or if he’s under my bed and I put my hand under there he’ll come immediately. I love all the attention he gives me because I’m constantly giving him all of my attention too.
  6. Spoiling him! I love shopping for him, like now instead of getting clothes for just me I like looking at matching outfits for him and I. I think it is the absolute cutest thing because I’ve never had a real pet that I could bond with and interact with, so my first experience has been amazing so far. I love buying toys for him and treats, he already has 10 toys and I just want to buy more. Lol
  7. Taking him on trips has been an experience for sure, for instance, he went back with my boyfriend and me to see family and he was pretty well behaved. His reaction to seeing his “cousins” is always funny because he’s only 3 months old as of this week and his cousins are like 3 or 4 years old and he’s not scared of them. He’ll go and act like the ALPHA among all of them. It’s so fun to watch and I know he enjoys it because he gets to run around everywhere. He’s definitely an inside dog though so he loves arriving home a million times more when we return. My boyfriend and I see the difference immediately. He likes to run around and go on his bed and play with all of his toys and we can just see he’s grateful for his home.
  8. Getting told I have a cute dog is so fun and great to hear. Again it just adds to my first experience of having a dog and receiving all of these compliments and reactions about my dog. He’s the cutest little puppy with a bunch of attitude and sass. I love it!
  9. Getting to learn everything with my boyfriend at the same time because he’s never had an inside dog either, while I’ve never had a dog period. So this whole experience has definitely made our relationship stronger and it’s nice to have a child to talk about. Brody is our child and he’s so spoiled. We love him so much and we just have the same emotions about him and I love that I get to share this whole experience with my boyfriend.
  10. The fact that my first dog is teaching me to love dogs and to no longer be afraid. My boyfriend has even pointed out how much I’ve changed since having a dog. It’s only been a month LOL now I go and talk to dogs when they’re in the car next to me and I bring up the fact I have a puppy ALL THE TIME in conversations for absolutely no reason except for the small fact that I’m obsessed with him! He’s taught me a lot and I’m not as scared of dogs as I was before. The only ones I’m scared of are the ones that are super HUGE like Great Danes and Huskies and have never met. OMG, I want a HUSKY tho like I WILL have one in the future and I will love them with all my heart. I’m so much friendlier and open near dogs now instead of being so frightened.
My little brother playing with Brody. Brody ended up jumping off. SMH

What do you enjoy about being a dog owner?


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