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Bold Makeup Looks of the Week Blogmas Day 10

Here’s a new makeup look I tried out just to match my new Cloud9 hoodie. Just FYI if you buy a hoodie from Cloud9 their sizing is small, so you have to go up one size. Their XL’s also are not accurate due to the small sizing so I wouldn’t recommend buying one if that’s your size or you know someone who would need that size. My best friend bought us matching hoodies and they can’t wear theirs now because of the dumb sizing!

Anyways, I was inspired by my hoodie to my eye makeup with the same colors!

Here’s my bold eye makeup! The rest of the routine is the same as my everyday makeup routine. 


For my eye makeup, I used my favorite eyeshadow palette being the BH Cosmetics one! Here’s the link so you can learn more, also I’m not sponsored by them. I genuinely love the brand because it’s vegan, cruelty-free and the pay off is AMAZING. OH YEAH, and it’s AFFORDABLE!


Here’s the hoodie I was talking about, which I think is a really nice hoodie. I’m not sponsored by them either, I just love my hoodie. I love the design and how comfy and lightweight it is. Just wish their sizing was better so more people can be included who are also fans like myself. If you haven’t read my earlier post on League of Legends here it is! img_3125

What did you think of this bold makeup look?



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