Holiday Gift Guide: For your boyfriend Blogmas Day 12

Back at it with another gift guide, hopefully, this helps you for the special man in your life! I’m a pretty good gift giver, my biggest problem is waiting to give them the gift. I always always ALWAYS end up telling my boyfriend what his gift is. I’m terrible I know, oh well there’s always next year. I’ll blow him away one year, hoping that’ll be next year. Man, I always cave though because the excitement inside me is exploding!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Holiday Gift Guide_ For your boyfriend

Let’s start off with,

  1. Clothes, you can get your man a nice set of pajamas, joggers, sweatpants, or even just nice themed shirts. How to choose? Buy him things he wouldn’t buy himself, but that you know he wants. If that’s too hard, then just look at styles you think would look good on him but also make sure they’re comfortable!
  2. Movies! Marvel, action or just really great movies he enjoyed watching. Movies are always on sale during Black Friday, so now you know for next year.
  3. Fandom, we all have a fandom we love and support just find out what he is and go buy it! I suggest checking Target, Hot Topic, Amazon and Lunch Box for good quality products for all fandom products.
  4. Tech Accessories such as new chargers, computer protective cases, laptop bags, and just cool things that would make their electronics more useful or appealing to them. Phone cases, wireless charger, camera case, and etc.
  5. Shoes, he might want a new pair of kicks but doesn’t want to spend the money that it costs at this time. This would be a great way to spoil him!
  6. Video Games because generally speaking most guys like video games and there might be one your man will enjoy. My suggestions are Red Dead Redemption, Mario Smash Bros, Pokemon and just gift cards for their online games like Fortnite or PS4 or XBoxOne.
  7. Get him something personalized like a picture of you two in a snow globe, t-shirt of you too, or something with you two involved.

Let me know if any of these ideas helped you! Have you already bought your boyfriend his gift? If so lemme know how you haven’t told him! LOL

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