I Graduated with my BS in Business Administration with a Concentration in Management What Now!? Blogmas Day 14

My Last Semester of College Update! (1)

OMG I GRADUATED YOU GUYS I’M DONE WITH COLLEGE! It’s so crazy that I’m done with college now and I don’t have to stress anymore. No more classes, professors, assignments and exams. NO MORE DUMBASS GROUP PROJECTS WHERE I HAVE TO COMMUNICATE FOR THE WHOLE TEAM AND DECIDE EVERYTHING MYSELF! I’m so relieved to be done and during this time of year as well. It’s so surreal to be finished, I can’t wait for this next chapter to be the best chapter yet! Class of 2018, 2018 was the beginning of my “best” year. You’ll learn more next year.

What am I doing now?

Today, I actually was promoted today so I have a full-time position and more responsibilities. To be honest, I’m pretty happy with it, especially since I’ve only been at this position for four months. I was also doing another position alongside it for 5 months, so now I only one job! I’ll be working and saving money to pay off my student loans.

What are my plans now?

My plans now are to save money to be in a better financial situation next year. I’d like to have some money set aside and about one third of my loan paid off. That’s my realistic goal for now and then I’d also like to make plans to do fun things like go to new cities for a weekend and have some fun! I’m just going to enjoy working and being in a stable position where I don’t have to stress about school anymore. I’m just going to focus on building contacts and learning more about what I’d like to do in the future. I plan to blog more and eventually build up my Youtube channel. I’m also going to enjoy getting ready for my graduation ceremony next May! I’ll be decorating my graduation cap, picking out my graduation dress and then planning my graduation photos!

What are my goals for next year?

Save as much money as I possibly can, and pay off most of my debt if possible or at least one third. I’m also trying to be a minimalist, so I’m slowly incorporating new changes into my lifestyle. Other than I want to make 2019 the best year for my blog and I’d like to reach 100 subscribers on my Youtube channel by the end of next year!

Thank you for all of your support guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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