15 Ways To Save Money Blogmas Day 16

There’s only a little more over a week until Christmas. Have you finished buying your gifts already? Or are you like me who’s broke and still trying to figure out to make every last dollar count so I can have some money going into the new year? Well if you are here are some tips I’m going to be following leading up to the new year and of course all of next year!

15 ways to save money

Let’s get started!

  1. No more splurging on products and stuff you think you need because you don’t. Stop buying knick knacks and stuff you won’t use that you think will just come in handy!
  2. Start saving a 20% of your paychecks and putting them in a savings account where you physically have to go to that bank to withdraw cash from. That way you won’t continue to TRANSFER money from your savings to your checking account!
  3. Buy less food, that way you eat more of what you already have like canned soups, pastas, spaghetti, oatmeal and what not instead of constantly raising your grocery bill.
  4. Stop being lazy and use the memberships/subscriptions you have like your gym membership, or product/service subscriptions.
  5. Cancel your memberships and subscriptions if YOU ARE NOT UTILIZING THEM! If you are not getting your moneys worth, then cancel it. Pay the cancellation fee or start using the freaking membership because one way or another you are losing money you should NOT be losing.
  6. Stop eating out as often as you’d like. Start cooking more and meal prepping that way you’ll save time as well.
  7. Don’t spend an obscene amount of money on dates. Create dates for $10 max, make a meal at home, play a board game, go window shopping, go to a park. I have plenty of affordable date ideas available right here.
  8. Hang out with friends and enjoy their company instead of where you’re going and what you’re doing
  9. Find hobbies to keep you at home. So you don’t go out spending more money than you should. You could start working out, cooking, baking, drawing, DIY projects!
  10. Spending more time with your pet OR go to a dog park so you could be near more animals. That’s a fun way to occupy your time.
  11. Focus on yourself more, by taking care of yourself more and focusing on your self care. Drink lots of water, eat vegetables and protein, take care of your body and get enough rest. Make sure you’re comfortable by having a nice scenery at home and having positive reinforcements there for when you’re feeling down. With that you’ll spend less money trying to fix the problem with only a temporary fix. Don’t buy things because you think you need them in that moment to make you feel better. Start building up your self control.
  12.  Find places in your town like universities or food programs where you would be able to get some groceries for FREE, that’ll save you money in the long run. It’s not embarrassing to ask for help and honestly that’s why these programs exist take advantage of it. Once you’re steady on your feet, you can donate your time or money in the future!
  13. Use coupons for EVERYTHING. If you manage to save some money on the side, then use a coupon for your next meal. There’s plenty of coupon websites out there, utilize them!
  14. Buy household items in bulk so you save more money right there then purchasing the products in the future at a higher price due to convenience.
  15. Switch your bank account from a known bank like Wells Fargo, Citi, Chase, and everything else to a local credit union. Once you make the switch you’ll save way more money since Credit Unions don’t charge you ATM fees, minimum deposit fees and etc. Credit Unions work for you while banks work against you.

Hope this helped you out, let me know what you’ll start incorporating? What helped you save money?


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