Smile Brilliant’s CariPro Review & Giveaway


Welcome back to my blog, today I’ll be sharing with you my experience with my new toothbrush and guess what I HAVE ONE TO GIVE AWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Let’s talk about my obsession with my teeth, so my teeth aren’t perfect like most people but I wish they were. So like most people I have like 5 different kinds of whitening toothpaste, along with that I also use my boyfriend’s charcoal powder to help whiten my teeth. I haven’t had too much luck with some of the products, but I’ve never used a nice electronic toothbrush to help me fight the battle.

I recently tossed out my manual toothbrush after trying this CariPro electronic toothbrush. You’ll learn more about my experience in a little bit.


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The Brand

If you’re like me, you like to know where your products come from and how they started so let’s start with that first! My Caripro toothbrush is from Smile Brilliant which is a company that sells whitening products, electric toothbrushes which were created by dentists with over 30 years of experience.

Why do I have an electric toothbrush?

I had an electric toothbrush from the 99 cents store, but that only lasted about a month max because it broke. It worked okay and was battery operated (double A batteries) and I broke it while using it because the plastic was so cheap I broke it in half on accident. I wasn’t able to put it back together to get the wires to connect. I’ve been meaning to buy a new one, but thankfully Caripro reached out to me to try out their toothbrush! So now I have an electric toothbrush that is of the best quality. You can totally see the difference when compared to other lower-end toothbrushes.

About the CariPro toothbrush

I’ve always heard electric toothbrushes are better, but I can now say I 100% agree with that statement after my experience with the CariPro. This toothbrush is amazing, it feels like you’re at the dentist except for no pain, no continuing cost and of course you’re not dealing with a dentist. You’re experiencing the best quality in the comfort of your own home.



Design and Style

The Caripro is a matte gray and the brush head itself is a nice cool blue! The toothbrush is quite large but I think it’s meant to fit most hands. I’m a small woman so the toothbrush felt a little big on me at first but it didn’t bother me. The toothbrush is completely weightless compared to what you would expect and switch from one setting to the next is super fast and easy! The Caripro’s are all designed the same, and come in the same color scheme.


The toothbrush has five settings which are Clean, Whitening, Gum Care, Massage and Sensitivity. I love all of the settings especially the whitening one since I can feel the extra pressure the toothbrush is adding and there’s no pain at all. The massage setting is super relaxing and great for when you have a sore tooth or your gums are sore. The clean feature feels like you’re at the dentist no joke! I LOVE the sounds of the Caripro especially the gum care setting because it sounds like Chewbacca from Star Wars. LOL

All about the battery

Battery life is amazing, I’ve been using my Caripro for three weeks, and haven’t had to charge it at all. The battery feature looks very high tech since it has an icon of a battery that glows and lets you know how much battery you have left. The charging station for the Caripro is very compact and lightweight. The product is definitely made with practicality in mind.

What has my experience been like?

My experience has been awesome! I love my Caripro and would highly recommend getting one, I know the cost might seem a little high, but they even have a 60-day guarantee where if you are not 100% satisfied you can return the product for free and you’ll receive a refund. Their customer service is really great, I was able to reach someone when I wanted to ask a question. I haven’t had any problems with my toothbrush. OH, my favorite feature on this toothbrush beside all of the cool modes you switch from is the fact that the toothbrush times you for each mode you’re using for 2 minutes. That way you’ll know you’ve done a good job brushing your teeth. My mouth and teeth feel super refreshed after each time I use my Caripro. I honestly really love this toothbrush. I have to say time goes by so much faster when using this toothbrush because the quality is so great and exceeds my expectations each time that I forget I’m brushing my teeth!


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If you have any questions, feel free to ask me below!

Giveaway Details

The giveaway will start today and end in one week which is January 04, 2019. This giveaway is open to USA, UK, Australia, and Canadian residents. Your email has to be entered to enter the giveaway.


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    1. Ooo great, be sure to use my discount code if you end up buying one so it’ll save you a bit of money. You can always return it if it isn’t the one for you! It’s been great for my teeth and I have sensitive teeth as well.

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