New Wet N’ Wild Products I can’t wait to Try!

Happy New Year!!!!!!!!!!! 2019 is off to a great and exciting start even more so now with Wet n’ Wild! Wet n’ Wild has been teasing new products and now a few of their new products are available so let’s get into it and see what you guys are interested in along with what am I super excited to try?!?!

Why should you use Wet n’ Wild?

Because all of their products are Gluten Free. Fragrance-Free. Paraben-Free. Vegan. Cruelty Free. The company is always coming out with new and fresh products while still staying true to their beliefs. Also, also this brand is super affordable with great quality. Best bang for your buck which most brands can’t compete with.

First off, this lip scrub looks so bombbb! I can’t wait to try it and have even softer and smoother lips. I don’t have much dead skin, but I’d like a scrub for my lips since I’ve been wearing more lip balm lately due to the cold weather. This lip scrub might make my lips plumper and pinker.

On the Wet n’ Wild website, the product is described as “The Perfect Pout Lip Scrub is not only tastily sweet – its’ made with fine sugar that will buff away dead skin from your lips, keeping them soft and smooth. Also made with Murumuru Seed Butter, Tucuma Seed Butter, and Vitamin E to deeply moisturize and nourish lips.”

watermelon lip scrub


lip scrub

The second product I can’t wait to try is their brand new “Ultimate Brow Pomade”!!!! Why am I so excited about this product? Well, I’ve been on the hunt for a great pomade to practice with. I already know I’m going to fall in love with this pomade! I love the design being so small and cute yet creative. I’m sure I’m going to be loving this for my eyebrows.

I’m currently using both my Anastasia brow pencil and my E.L.F. brow pencil. I’ve been wanting to try the Pixi eyebrow pencil, but my shade is never available at Target! Sure I could order online, but I also still have two eyebrow pencils at home that I’m trying to finish off before trying this pomade!

wet n wild pomade.jpg


The third product is Photo Focus Water Drop Primer in Cucumber! The description of the product is as follows,” Slip on our lightweight water-based PhotoFocus™ Water Drop Primer to get this party started! Introducing a lightweight, water-based formula that transforms from a cream to liquid texture providing a soft-focused finish with comfortable wear. This innovative formula works to brighten your complexion with good-for-you ingredients including hyaluronic acid to help smooth and hydrate skin, and 60% water content to leave skin refreshed and hydrated. Available in three fragrances: Rose, Coconut and Cucumber.”

I’m pretty excited to try this since it’s a more hydrating primer compared to the one I have right now. I’m currently using the Pop zero shine primer and it’s great don’t get me wrong but it’s more like a light moisturizer. I would prefer a hydrating primer to help with my dry skin.

The fourth product, Photo Focus Primer Water which is described as “Ultra light primer waters that hydrate, smooth and brighten skin for a dewy, healthy look. It is an everyday essential to create a smooth, flawless canvas for application. It allows the foundation to glide on easily and stay looking fresh for hours. Compliments your final look with the scent of tropical coconut, the classical scent of floral rose, or the fresh scent of cucumber.”

wetnwild rose primer water

The fifth product is the Mega Jelly highlighter illuminatrice! I feel like this is a much better substance to apply highlighter. The only problem I see is that my fingers would get all shimmery, but if the payoff is BOMBBB than GIRL HAND IT ON OVER and let the glitter shine! I really hope this highlighter looks amazing on all skin shades as I think it will. I’m so excited to touch this product since it’s called jelly and I’m super curious as to how it smells. I’m not a big fan of powder highlighters since I don’t see as much pay off as I would like. I am currently using a liquid highlighter that I bought from a local boutique.

Wet n Wild describes this product as, “Pop the bubbly! Hit the lights! Get ready to rock the New Year in WetnWild’s NEW! MegaJelly™ Highlighter. This highly pigment, springy gel-to-powder highlighter revs up the shine with microfine pearl pigments to illuminate those cheek and brow bones. What girl doesn’t love bonus benefits? MegaJelly™ Highlighter is packed with cucumber and chamomile extracts to cool your skin down as the night heats up, so you can sparkle for hours under those glistening New Years lights.

  • An innovative bouncy jelly-like highlighter that glides beautifully on to the skin as a gel and sets like a powder for concentrated, buildable coverage
  • It can be used on its own or mixed into foundations, primers, and moisturizers
  • Ideal for all skin types”

Mega Jelly Highlighter

Honorable mentions AKA products I know you guys would be interested in! There are plenty of more new products, you can explore —> bombb ass Wet n’ Wild products.

Wet n wild makeup remover.jpg

I am super curious to as how well this product would work and how easily it would remove makeup! I might try this product in the future, but I’m currently trying to save money so I’m not buying products I don’t immediately need. To remove my makeup I use a cotton ball and I dip it in my jar of coconut oil. I’ve been doing this for a while, and no it has NOT caused me to break out. My makeup comes off easily with the coconut oil and I haven’t experienced anything bad since I’ve started using it. I also use an eye makeup remover sometimes, but that’s usually when I have super dramatic eyes. I use the eye makeup removers because I’m trying to finish two small bottles I have.

I would recommend using a nice small microfiber cloth and some mild soap or coconut oil as a makeup remover.

WHY? Because makeup wipes are a RECURRING COST and YOU ARE CREATING MORE WASTE by using those products. The small cloth will save you money! The coconut oil is also natural, cheaper and has multiple uses, for instance, you can also use coconut oil as a hair mask!

Photo Focus Makeup Remover Stick is described a, “Wipe, swipe, go with the NEW! PhotoFocus™ Makeup Remover Balm Stick. No more wasting time removing the slay of the day; this balm to oil to cream melts away the foundation, lipstick, and eyeshadow in a snap! Infused with Sunflower seed oil and Vitamin E moisturize your skin. You will love this comforting, non-greasy, non-drying balm that is gentle enough for all skin types. Fabulously portable. No spills. No mess. No stripping skin of natural oils. Take it with you for on the go makeup removal needs- with PhotoFocus™”

Silicone Applicator is described on their website as, “Revolutionize your makeup routine with this versatile applicator. Great for applying liquid and cream formulations without any product waste. Easy to clean so it never harbors bacteria.

  • Multifunctional – can be used for both makeup and skincare
  • Helps liquid/cream makeup and skincare glide right onto skin for effective application
  • Non-porous, silicone material decreases absorption and waste of cosmetic product
  • Perfect for on-the-go use- cleanses easily with the use of mild soap and water”

I might end up buying this once I’m tired of my beauty blenders because I would like to use an applicator that is easier to use and clean. At one point or another, we all know there’s a time we don’t wash our makeup brushes or beauty blenders for about a month or even longer. With this applicator, I would wash it after each use making it the most practical choice. However, I won’t be buying it for a few months.

Silicone Applicator

I went a CVS yesterday and wasn’t able to purchase any of these new products, they might not be available in all locations yet. However, I did read on Wet n’ Wild’s Facebook page, that some other makeup fanatics were able to find a few of the new products in their local stores.

Note: Wet n’ Wild is also still launching all new products for the year, so if there are some I haven’t mentioned it’s because it wasn’t released before today.

Which product are you most excited to try!

Which one caught your eye first?

Is there another brand that has a similar product? Be sure to let me know so I can test them both together.

3 thoughts on “New Wet N’ Wild Products I can’t wait to Try!

  1. That makeup remover, kind of reminds me of the one that urban decay came out with last year? I would be curious to see how well it worked! The products I’m most interested in trying is the Jelly Highlighter, the Rose water Primer Spray, and the lip scrubs! Great post xxx

    Melina |

    1. Thanks Melina! I’ll have to look up the urban decay makeup remover! Hoping to find some of these goodies soon!

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