What I Wear to Work

I was recently promoted and to match my title I started upgrading my wardrobe so I can match how I’d like to be seen in the office. I’ve only bought 4 pieces of clothing, but I’m still in the process of discovering what my “work wardrobe” should be.

Pants- TJMaxx $10 each

Black tailored pants

Yellow copy tailored pants.jpeg

Blazer- Walmart $13

Blazer work blog

Heels- Walmart $12

classic heel for work blog

Purse- TJMaxx $30


Gel Foot Cushions- Walmart $2.50

Gel cushions soles blog

I plan on buying another pair of ankle boots, some comfy heels, and some form of sneakers that are still dressy so I won’t have to be dressed up all the time. I don’t like wearing heels everyday. I love my sneakers and would rather be comfortable.

What’s coming to my wardrobe?

I’m looking for some nice tailored shirts with collars and maybe a few cute ties. I know that’s a harder look to accomplish because of my body shape, but I really like the look so mission accepted.

Besides the shirts, I’m on a constant look out for nice fitting and affordable blazers that will flatter my body shape. It’s been quite difficult to find blazers that aren’t too long, with a nice style to suite my frame. I’m aiming to find 4 more blazers.

Tailored pants haven’t been hard to find or style, so I’m pretty happy about that. They look amazing with the heels I have.

Which article of clothing is your favorite?

6 thoughts on “What I Wear to Work

    1. Thank you!! Iā€™m saving money so I can buy a nice work wardrobe. Until then Iā€™m buying small pieces of clothing that Iā€™m trying to coordinate into a personal style. Definitely trying to make my style business woman boss lady type!

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