How to Style: Tailored Pants

Hi guys, when I was shopping for work attire I came across these super stylish yellow pants that I had to buy. It was an even bigger sign to get the pants once I looked at the price tag and the pants were $10! MAJOR STEALLLLL! So yes I bought it and here we are.

I’ve worn these pants to work twice now and I’ve gotten compliments on my outfit each time and I’m glad others like them too. The color is very eye catching and then the style just adds on to it. I’ve found that black is a good color to work with when pairing up the pants with something.

First Outfit

Black Blazer: Walmart $13

Black strappy shirt: Shein $4

Brown ankle boots: Thrifted $10

Mustard Tailored Pants-: TJMaxx $10

Ulta purse-: (Thrifted) $4

I’ll post more outfits with these pants as I get new ideas and new clothes. Hope you enjoyed, until next time!



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